The New Multiplayer Trailer for Conduit 2 is Awesome

Lindsey writes: "Oh SEGA, how we love thee! To end the week on a sweet, sweet note, a new multiplayer trailer for Conduit 2 was released today and it’s ridiculously awesome.

A hefty chunk of gameplay footage is in the trailer, but it’s still such a tease since it’s only a minute long. In the trailer we see a ton of weapons being used, four-player split-screen, how scoping in will work, and much more. I loved how it appeared as if that needler gun (shown mostly in the lower right square in four-player mode) sets things slightly on fire with it’s lava/fiery barbs. I am curious to see how the pistol works as that can sometimes make or break a game, but I’ve watched the trailer about 5 times in a row now and I can’t stop."

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christheredhead2762d ago

man, im excited for this game. really excited. ive also been hearing that the game will include bots? if so im sold.

Shok2762d ago

Yea this is really shapin up pretty well. Looks like it's gonna be one of those under-rated (by the press) gems. Reminds me of the good ol Halo 1/2 and Goldeneye days.

Gen0ne2762d ago

The 1st one kinda let me down, but I'll keep a close eye on this one.

ChrisGTR12762d ago

why? why are you guys even playing online fps games on the wii. thats like playing wow on a cellphone.

christheredhead2762d ago (Edited 2762d ago )

theres nothing wrong with playing an fps on a wii. goldeneye is a blast to play. same with conduit. the first was fun to play and this will be no different. they seem to be trying their hardest to please the fans and im happy with that. the only complaint i can think of is that its not hd which isnt a complaint to me cause the game looks fine. the online component of the 1st was great. ran smooth, matchmaking was fast, had a bunch of modes and there were a ton of people to play with. so yah, whats the issue?

Urameshi2761d ago

I don't believe you understand what the purpose of playing a video game is. I believe it's to have fun, or so I've been told anyway. Perhaps you need to enjoy life a little more instead of dipping your ego into ignorant misconceptions.