El33tonline News and Reviews Round-up for Week of February 25th

El33tonline writes:

"It seems as though there was a constant stream of stuff happening almost every minute this week in the videogame industry, but looking back over what actually happened… not a whole lot of it was all that earth shattering.

Although. We did get a final release date for arguably the most anticipated game of the year. And there was a bit of a sea change in South African game distribution circles. Loads of new screenshots and tons of amazing new gameplay videos were unleashed unto the ‘net, too. And we just caught wind of a countdown to the announcement of what will no doubt be this year’s most crushing game release…

So… maybe there was a bunch of earth shattering videogame news after all! And that’s not even the half of it!

Catch El33tonline’s round-up of the best videogame news and media from the past week, including our own reviews, previews and podcast:"

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