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Lens of Truth writes"After over a decade of waiting, Capcom finally grants us our wish with the return of the VS series. Marvel vs Capcom 3 has been out for over week now and after countless battles and screaming matches of who is the "cheapest", we here at the Lens feel it is time to speak our peace about Capcom's latest fighter. Check out this inFocus to see if Marvel vs Capcom 3 has earned the right to be part of the amazing VS series."

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Baron792728d ago

Awesome review guys, I agree this games so far is a disappointment. Anyway, Sonic Boom!

Corepred42728d ago

especially with no guile!

RudeSole Devil2728d ago

Finally an honest review. I would have to agree that MVC2 control scheme would've worked much better here.

TheBlackSmoke2728d ago (Edited 2728d ago )

Yean man totally, They should of gone with 4 attack buttons and 2 assists like MvsC2 instead of 4 attack buttons and 2 assists. Would of made the game sooo much deeper.


If you cant beat someone who's are the one who sucks.

"Spamming" is the oldest excuse in the book. If you cant figure out how to get around it then don't blame the game. Every character has ways of dealing with it, I think some of you have your nostalgia shades on because ALL the VS games are easy to pick up but have great depth if you stick with it and work hard.

You are a scrub, period.

Dno2728d ago

hahahahah man so true! the controls are nothin to say its "bad" about. the guy in the review doesnt like them because he keeps hitting the wrong buttons!!!.

Review pretty much sucks.

Corepred42728d ago

this game pretty much sucks. and the controls do too. you don't know if your guy is gonna throw a punch or kick its just an attack! what are we 3 or 4 year olds that can't do it ourselves? and really a launch button? lame

midgard2272728d ago

i agree what u say blacksmoke buuuut

it doesnt change that spammers are cheap, example, a chunli spammer is a physical force field that damages you unless u spam projectiles, or u have iron mans or ryu's blasts, so spammable, if u jump over the attacks u fall into their trap, then ryu combos u, air combo, hurricane kick into shinku hadoken, half life gone even on lowest damage setting. game needs a barrier like blazblue or somethin

and xfactor is way to cheap. chris's magnum 1 shot my phoenix who had full life and went thru her and killed x23 aswell. they need to add defense instead of offense in xfactor.

especially dark phoenix, zero or wolvierine in x-factor its so bad lol

hackersdelight2728d ago

Regardless of what the reviews say...Arthur is KING!!!!!!

Tempjf2728d ago

Arthur is one of the cheesiest spamming characters ever. He's like the lollipop's guild Sentinel

artsaber2728d ago

Why Arthur ain't worth a shyt in his own game? lol. What if he had all that ability at beckoning call while playing Ghouls N' Ghosts / Ghosts N' Goblins?

Dno2728d ago

Those arent really "the bad" about the game he just wrote stuff HE didn't like. X-factor and the new controls are good but does not in no way make the game bad. In fact it makes it better because now if your losing you have a fighting chance. Which means you have to be really nice to over come some stuff. "skill" is all you need to enjoy every fighting game and this is not different

Review pretty much sucks

Tempjf2728d ago

Skill and MVC3 can't be said in the same paragraph. Xmen vs Street Fighter takes skill. Street Fighter 3 takes skill, but when a six year old can beat you at a fighting game by massing buttons does not take skill NUMB NUTS!

Dno2728d ago (Edited 2728d ago )

1st MVC3 does take skill if you do not see it then you have no skill

2nd if you lost to a button mashing 6 year old you proved to the world you have no skill.


Your post pretty much sucks.

Djinn2728d ago

mvc3 is garbae plain and simple

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