Microsoft Risk 360's Market Leadership On Kinect

Gaming is, and always will be about games. Though Microsoft's Senior Producer, Kevin Unangst, has had a lot to say about Microsoft's offering in 2011, Their current position is one that....

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BakedGoods2701d ago (Edited 2701d ago )

...and if you take a look at current gaming trends, the money is with easy to produce casual titles. Nintendo's doing it, and while they've been criticized for ignoring their hardcore market they're rolling in the dough.

Even Sony's guilty of it, however they've got a handful of hardcore-developers working on franchise titles and "adding" Move support, rather than only building casual-friendly Move titles (ie. what MS is doing with Kinect).

fromasterjay2701d ago

A company wanting money? Get the hell out of here...

SWORDF1SH2701d ago (Edited 2701d ago )

True what you say but I feel Sony actually care about hardcore gamers. To me Sony, as a company, do want your money but they employ game developers and people to run the game division that care about giving us quality games.
MS on the other hand just aim for where the money is, FPS's and casual games, and shove them into your face. And have Greenburg who just constantly brags about sales and how much better they think they are than sony. That guys attitude sums up the company very good.

BobbyMcCOOL2701d ago

but will the 360 gain the customer base the wii has, I'm hopping so but its not looking like it is. Kinect's doing good, but the thrill of motion game is dying somewhat.

just look at the falling wii sales

dragonelite2701d ago

Market sateration i think that most people have like 2 wiis.

siyrobbo2701d ago

yes they have sold more than 12 billion wii's worldwide

Kalowest2701d ago

"falling wii sales"
Thats because everyone and their grandma already has one. lol

dragonelite2701d ago


Dont know but most people means over 50% or so.

stephmhishot2701d ago

I don't think the Wii market is completely saturated yet. The PS2 has sold over 150 million consoles, I think the Wii is around 86-87. Yes, I realize many of the PS2 sales may have been to replace broken ones, but I doubt that more there are more than 50 million replacement consoles out there. I think the Wii, at least based on what the PS2 did, has no excuse to slow down anytime soon.

The differences however are obvious, the PS2 catered to both hardcore and casual gamers. I don't envision the Wii have the same legs simply due to the lack of third party support and since once the next Nintendo console is released, any support for the Wii will be dropped overnight.

That said, the Wii has all but won this generation. PS3 may eventually pass it, but only once this gen is over and most people have moved on to new tech. Sony will obviously continue to support the PS3, which will help it perhaps catch or surpass the Wii, but by then it won't really matter much outside of there being a celebratory press release by Sony promoting that the PS3 beat a dead system.

vgcgames2701d ago

Disagree, PS still selling strong. after all these years, so I'd Expect the Wii, should still be going strong also. unfortunately I think people are over the gimmick of motion controls

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doa7662701d ago

the market leader is Nintendo

Anon19742701d ago ShowReplies(3)
DragonKnight2701d ago

@Baked: You know, for years I've always wondered if your name is a hint to being high. Lol. Just messin' with ya man.

On topic though, I do agree with you. But I mean, it's because you've pretty much just stated what has been happening. It's not a stretch at all.

All companies care for the $$ but some companies will actually work hard to earn it through supporting their fans and userbase. Who here thinks MS does that?

Vherostar2701d ago

MS been losing leadership for years the only reason they still on top is that massive headstart.

SixZeroFour2701d ago

wonder what would have happened if sony released ps3 when 360 came out (prolly wouldnt have had the time to implement bluray) or if 360 released when ps3 released and had an extra year to do something with developement

i really wonder who benefited from that headstart

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BobbyMcCOOL2701d ago

I'm really hoping for some late exclusive to hit this holiday, Gears is not enough for me. Though i will be play that as well.

I guess I will get a PS3 to tied me over, until Gears.

ksense2701d ago

All I see is a lot of spelling mistakes and grammatical errors.

BobbyMcCOOL2701d ago

what errors? I guess everyone needs some type of comeback.

ksense2701d ago


gameing - gaming...

"and the now inclusion" - should be "and now the inclusion"

it's self - itself..

Microsoft was hopping for - hopping or hoping?

"while Sony has consistently close the gap"- should be closed not close

"shifted their focus to selling to the causal market" - causal market or casual market?

"hardcore gamers are feeling abandon by Microsoft" - should be abandoned

"The PS3 is becoming with the 360 use to be" - the word "with" should be "what"

"Only time and sales will tale the true tale" - tale or tell?

Do I get paid for this?

king dong2701d ago

ofcourse, because this blog-site is owned and operated by one of the many n4g dwellers!!

not only that, this blog was wrote especially for n4g, just to leech hits and continue the on-going nerd-war!!

I am going to give this site a hit and see just what crap they blog about

vgcgames2701d ago

Casual Gamers don't buy enough games. If the 360 could reach Wii numbers that would be awesome for them but I don't believe kinect's enough to pull them that far.

sony has combined casual and hardcore support for move its a good balance I think. Microsoft is yet to add hardcore support for kinect it's still for woman. I'd love to see a fps support Kinect.

Hard Gamers sustain the market, casual gamers push it ahead, without the hardcore sales fall off. look at the Wii it's in a huge slump.

NickD352701d ago (Edited 2701d ago )

360 was my main gaming console until they went down the Kinect road. Then as time went by I just cared less and less about the console as I saw less and less exclusives coming out. I think they sold out gamers to be honest. Throwing us a new Gears of war in September isn't really going to make up for the lack of games 360 owners are facing. Millions don't want Kinect, get that through your heads.

jsc249jobal2701d ago

I am a core gamer and for my kind of games, I don't want Kinect unless it is really useful. My family is a different story; they now get involved in gaming with Kinectimals, Zumba, Dance Revolution etc My wife now has gaming nights with her friends...who would have thought?

Biggest2701d ago

But be honest. That isn't a gaming night. It's a club night without the drunken one night stand possibilities.

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