The Best Videogame Trailers of the Decade

A list of the best videogame trailers of each year over the last decade.

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nothere4132646d ago (Edited 2646d ago )

Kinda disappointed to not see New Vegas on here. The gameplay trailer that starts out with ED-E flying down the highway was probably my favorite in a long time.

roadtrucker2646d ago

wow im really disappointed that killzone 2's intro didnt make it either it was the best intro ive every seen very well done

BDSE2646d ago

It's kind of disappointing that people don't get that the last decade was 2000-2009 FFS.

Jonah_Reese2646d ago

Considering Earth began with Year 1 and not 0, you would be incorrect. The last ten years in question would be 2001-2011. Mass Effect does make it. So you're wrong.

BDSE2645d ago

@ Jonah_Reese

Oh dear. First of all 2001-2011 is 11 years

2001 1st year
2002 2nd year
2003 3rd year
2004 4th year
2005 5th year
2006 6th year
2007 7th year
2008 8th year
2009 9th year
2010 10th year
2011 11th year

Everyone with half a brain cell knows that a decade is 10 years, decade coming from the Ancient Greek word dekas meaning 10.

Second, decades run from 0-9, are you honestly saying that 1970 is part of the 60's and that 2000 is part of the 90's? While the first full decade may well have been years 1-10 in modern usage a decade refers to a period that contains years that are referenced by the tens digit of the number.

Did you go to school?

Lord_Doggington2646d ago

I have to say, the Modern Warfare 2 trailer was fucking amazing.

plb2646d ago

I agree with ME2 being the best.

BDSE2646d ago

Even though Mass Effect 2 wasn't released until this decade?

Mista T2646d ago

Deus Ex HR trailer should be on there, so amazing along with the music

Quagmire2646d ago

Agreed, not sure why people think the Dead Nation trailer is great (its good as its artistic and sets a unique emotion), but they mustve not seen the Deus Ex: Human Revolution - Director's Cut in 1080p!

That's the definition of Epic.

ANIALATOR1362646d ago

how about the MGS4 trailer where old snake is left with a gun in his mouth?

Lord_Doggington2646d ago (Edited 2646d ago )

all of the mgs4 trailers should be on there...

edit: for that matter, the snake eater trailer from mgs3 is also pretty damn epic

PhantomT14122646d ago

For Assassin's Creed I prefered the launch trailer:
"-Altair, I hold here a list. Nine men who need to die. They are plague-bringers, war-makers. Their power and influence corrupt the land and ensure the crusade continues. These men must be destroyed. Have you any questions?
-Only where I need begin"


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