Bulletstorm Cologne? Sure, Why Not?

When you want to smell like mutant corpses and shotgun shell casings, Epic Games has you covered.

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awiseman2702d ago

There was a joke in the single player about the cologne

Solidus187-SCMilk2702d ago

The dialogue in this game is really funny.

These guys are constantly talking shit in the game. They say some weird things. They dont say this exactly, but something like "move you pansy ass you shit-dick cunt lint" or something along those lines.

I think the main character, Grey, has the same voice as Mugen from samuari champloo, but im not sure about that.

DoctorFell2702d ago (Edited 2702d ago )

Yep, he's voiced by Steven Jay Blum, of Champloo, Bebop, and numerous-other-awesome-franchi ses fame.

Tikicobra2702d ago

Does the cologne smell like dick-tits?

Burdmayn2702d ago

It would be better if the name was "Sunbaked Asshole" like the cologne mentioned in the game.

SwiftShot2702d ago

Haha aint that nice then maybe the next girl wont wanna kill my dick while I call her dick-tits!