How much of that Skyrim trailer is a cut scene and how much is gameplay?

Gaming Nexus asks Pete Hines of Bethesda what parts of the Skyrim trailer were cut scenes and which parts are gameplay.

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Julie2763d ago (Edited 2763d ago )

I believe is pretty obvious to anyone wich parts are ingame and wich ones are cgi...also is obvious wich ones are gameplay and wich ones are flying/perspective camera (ingame of course)...


Bleucrunch2763d ago

IT DOESN'T MATTER this is a day ONE purchase for me...See you all in Skyrim.

kancerkid2763d ago

We aren't NPCs, so you won't see any of us.

Thank god Skyrim is not an MMO.

teething2763d ago (Edited 2763d ago )

sure it is all "in game"... but you will also see cutscenes when you are "in game", so the reply was pretty ambiguous.

Pete Hines would make a good politician.

Bleucrunch2763d ago

@Kancerkid....oh come one you wouldnt a game like skyrim which is technically an MMO if you think about it to be one?? Have a heart.

despair2763d ago (Edited 2763d ago )

they still suck at human models and especially faces, I was still disappointed in that, better than both oblivion and the fallout games but still not very good, still I think the environments are probably going to be the best looking thing.

Also I am not a fan of the sculpted clay like enemies and characters style that the series employs, but still I hope this one draws me in like Morrowind since I could not get into Oblivion.

Julie2763d ago (Edited 2763d ago )

EDIT: Omigosh wall of text sorry! (i hope noone gets critically hit) :3

It is very hard to get the Morrowind feeling again i believe , i remember reading books ingame about Nerevar and thinking wow this dude is awesome! then i realized that i was the reincarnation of him ... of Nerevar! the shock will never be the same i believe :3


When earth is sundered, and skies choked black,

And sleepers serve the seven curses,

To the hearth there comes a stranger,

Journeyed far 'neath moon and star.

Though stark-born to sire uncertain

His aspect marks his certain fate.

Wicked stalk him, righteous curse him.

Prophets speak, but all deny.

Many trials make manifest

The stranger's fate, the curses' bane.

Many touchstones try the stranger

Many fall, but one remains".

But i believe Fallout did vey good on to give that feeling of to be alone , and oblivion for me was good , not near Morrowind but good, i agree with you a bit there :)

chainer30002763d ago

agree, it's rather obvious as the CGI parts are largely reused from the VGA's trailer. The gameplay is certainly easy to pick out, there is still a noticeable difference between CGI and gameplay, even though the graphics are astonishing and very inspired.

Certainly a must buy and play Day 1 to till 500... and probably beyond, I'm still playing Oblivion when I'm bored. Never even beat the xpac.

SaiyanFury2763d ago

That in game footage was truly stunning. When I had watched the entire thing, I literally had teared up a little bit because it was so overwhelmingly superior to any game they've done before. The scale is incredible, the graphics and animation are above top notch, the sound is breathtaking and the gameplay looks a lot more dynamic. Agreed, day one buy for me. I'll even buy the DLC if it's the same quality as the game.

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Passthemic2763d ago

I was under the impression that everything in the trailer was actual game-play.

kancerkid2763d ago

Everything is, except that stone wall.

Read the article next time.

teething2763d ago


If you read the article next time a little more closely, you will notice that Pete never actually says if the scenes are gameplay or cutscenes. Cutscenes are 100% "in-game" also.

Motorola2763d ago

Bethesda only use cutscenes at the beginning or end of the games as far as I know. Remember in the beginning of oblivion with the emperor? They show Imperial City and the title of the game. Imperial City looks just as good in game.

And in Fallout 3? Same thing. At the start with the bus and the song, with the Brotherhood soldier standing there.

I dont see why they would integrate real cutscenes in an RPG. bethesda are smarter than that.

awiseman2763d ago

The cut scenes are rendered in engine i THINK. It was all impressive and was all done on the 360. Like Cryengine I no, Real time..ALL the time.

NickD352763d ago (Edited 2763d ago )

I downloaded the hd trailer to my PS3 and examined it frame by frame. When done like that you see just how awesome the game really looks. The facial animation is really great as are all the textures. Skin and weapons look way more realistic than previous Bethesda games, and the animation of all the characters is very fluid.

And you notice a lot more particle effects in the world such as distant fog hanging around cliffs and the lighting reflecting off of everything in a realistic way in the forest through the trees. It's a major step up from Oblivion and the Fallout games.

pxpxp2763d ago

Yeah this game looks insane! I literally cannot wait. And what also excites me is the idea of Fallout 4 looking like this or even better! And as buggy as Bethesda games may be they are what games are supposed to be, FUN!!! Cannot wait!

MiyagiSPG2763d ago

Whatever the graphical outcome is, I can't wait to get my hands on this. Makes me want to play Oblivion again :)