The Game Fanatics:Killzone 3 Review

It’s been 2 years since the release of Killzone 2, and now we’re presented with Sony’s Killzone 3. This game has been looked upon to be the future of first person shooters with its breath taking graphics and stellar gameplay; despite the fact of Killzone 2 not doing so well in sales, Guerilla Games look to revamp the Killzone series into one of the best.

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BiggCMan2734d ago

I just beat the story an hour ago, and I am unfortunately disappointed by it. The way the game plays is fantastic, the graphics are jaw dropping, the new weapons are very fun. Its the damn plot that I couldn't stand. It was a massive let down compared to the first 2 games. There were missions that were obviously taken straight from a Call of Duty game, and I just shook my head during each one. The ending was poor, the action was cheap, and they completely left out Natko. Why? The story was less than average, and I was pissed off because I was looking forward to a great single player experience. Instead I get a blatant Call of Duty rip off story. I just now played my first couple of matches online, and I am very satisfied however, which is good. I look forward to unlocking more things, and joining a clan in the future, just like I did with Killzone 2.

Xfanboy2733d ago

what if games started selling Sp & Mp separately $30 for mp $30 for sp! that would make every shooter not worth it! but I would to pay for mp!!

P_Bomb2733d ago

Nah, disagree 110%. Story was way better in KZ3.

Way better.

What was KZ2? Petrusite something or other, all new cast with the only 2 guys from part 1 either getting more irritating or killed unceremoniously. Who cares about Natko after what KZ2 did to Templar. KZ3 actually established personalities for Narville and Velasquez. Stakes were higher with the outcasts discovering earth was about to be hit. KZ2 nothing mattered. Killing Visari solved nothing.

Action was a cut above the rest. I think you should replay COD honestly. Was nothing COD about the MGS3esque forest stealth, mech fights, jetpack iceberg parkour, junkyard and transport hijack, MAWLR battle, corpse lab, space station or anything. COD-wise I'm not sure what your pissed off with, at all. Saw more similarities to Resistance with all the distant battles and alien ships overhead. COD is still cold war nostalgia on ice skate controls with body swapping leads every other chapter.

9thGenHero2734d ago

I haven't beaten this game, I'm curious about the ending

NickD352734d ago

The main thing that will make me buy a FPS is if the multiplayer is good. I would not have bought Killzone 3 if people said it had a great 6 hour campaign but a poor multiplayer. But I will buy a FPS if it has a poor campaign but awesome multiplayer.

I have yet to go through the Killzone 3 campaign, I got it today. But the negativity around the story doesn't bother me, it's not one of the reasons I get a FPS. I care about a good story in other types of games, but not FPS for some reason. I just want to shoot and kill stuff in my FPS. And this does that very well.

Inside_out2733d ago

I don't care for the story myself BUT I couldn't stand the cut scenes. They are WAY too, too long and far to many...damn...I want to play the game. Just finished it about a hour ago and still trying to figure out if I liked it or not. Didn't care for the story or how the cut scenes took the place of some the will see what I mean as you play through it.

There is a substantial COD influence on the game and at about the half-way mark the game begins to pick up steam with more intense battles...still, I was expecting more variety for a third part of ANY franchise. Shooting the same looking enemy over and over begins to wear on you after a while.

Over all I think the reviews have been fair...8/10 seems to be where this game belongs in my opinion.

Winkle922733d ago

Why even post reviews on this site anymore? Clearly everyone made up their mind long ago.

Helghast13902733d ago

The story does suck but the online is great which makes the game good