The Cost to be Competitive

Is all fair in love and online gaming? Volunteer writer Evan Ling makes a rant about how money is giving an unfair edge to players that can spend more than others.

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Solidus187-SCMilk2616d ago

people who have time to play more also have an advantage. What about all the unlocks in games today? They give people an unfair advantage over the beginners as well.

What about people who have a better mouse and keyboard than me? What about the people with a better Tv? or a more comfortable couch than me? What about people with headphones/surround sound against people who only have stereo?

The main thing is that you can also have any of these supposed "advantages" if you want.

ItsEvan2616d ago (Edited 2616d ago )

If it's not such a huge problem then why do Starcraft 2 tournaments always have standardized equipment? You always see the professionals playing with the same monitors, same computers, same mice, same keyboards.

I'm sure that it is possible for someone to beat another person with better equipment, but with technology going the way that it is, unregulated tournament and clan play will always give an advantage to whoever can spend the most money, thus making it a social class issue in the microcosm of gaming culture.

omicron0092616d ago

skill being equal the person with the better goodies is going to win

Murgatroyd72616d ago

I've always found it kind of sad when people feel the need to spend so much money just to get an edge. Save yourself the money and either improve your skill or move on to a different game.

maskedaprentice2615d ago

It's sad if someone feels the need to buy things to be better, but thats how a lot of people work.

RaymondM2613d ago

Hmmm, i dont really have an opinion about expensive hardware for games, but it is nice to have one of those sick arcade sticks (which I do feel is better for fighters)