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awiseman2700d ago

My preorder is taking to long!

Axonometri2700d ago

GameSpot has this trailer posted under PS3. Are there multiple "Be Invisible" platform trailers out, or is this actually on the PC?

plb2700d ago

I'd bet all trailers are PC footage.

Shackdaddy8362700d ago

Well they are all on the PC but at console settings.

I think Crytek said its cus MS paid EA to do it. But I'm not sure.

Tinasumsum2700d ago

Google Elder Scrolls Skyrim and a link saying PS3 gameplay from IGN showed up

I don't get what you're trying to say

Axonometri2700d ago

Although Skyrim looks awesome, how does that have to do with my question about this Be Invisible crysis 2 trailer?

I don't get what YOU are trying to say... Huh?

Tinasumsum2700d ago

I googled Skyrim and my search came up with PS3 gameplay video from IGN. Sorry I assumed you were aware only 360 footage has been shown and that would anwser your question. Silly me I should have known better considering you think related game media is from what random sites decide to tag it as.

BlackKnight2700d ago


This article on N4G is a post of a new trailer for Crysis 2. That is why Axonometri is confused by you. Sure you are posting in the right article comments section?

Axonometri2700d ago


Thanks... That was my point to Tinasumsum.
Also Tinasumsum, You might want to check your facts before commenting.. seeing how the last released official trailer for Crysis 2 was PS3 footage.

Anyhow, I see the same trailer on all plats now.. so.. still not sure, but I am assuming this one is PC in game footage.

tobysims2700d ago

What's so hard to understand Axonometri? A site labeled said game videos doesn't mean it came from said platform.

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Xfanboy2700d ago (Edited 2700d ago )

EA games & crack is the same thing this year!
just got dead space 2 & now only Bf3,Crysis 2,Dragon Age 2 & Mass Effect 3 remains!


SICK,SICK,SICK......did I mention this game is SICK?

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