RIFT dev: "Betas have become Marketing nonsense"

RIFT Lead Dynamic Content Designer Will Cook has criticised the current trend of MMO Betas.

In responding to a question about what lessons were taken from the launch of Final Fantasy 14, Cook told Strategy Informer that releasing a "finished" game was paramount.

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GamerSciz2704d ago

Whether or not Betas are seen as advertisements I love the fact that Devs give us the game early 99% of the time for free and allow us to see what they have and get the actual gamers' opinions. I have been in many open and closed betas and notice by the final game that the devs listened.

Apotheosize2704d ago

"much like WoW did"

Seems to be a trend with the game

The Matrix2704d ago

Agreed. I want to play the Gears 3 BETA very badly, but I don't want to buy that pathetic game that is Bulletstorm.

Montrealien2704d ago

If a game that gets 80%+ reviews scores across the board is pathetic, I just dont know what to say...

what world are you living in?

Shackdaddy8362704d ago (Edited 2704d ago )

I just hate how people treat betas as demos now. Thats not what they are meant for...

I dont really care if you can only get into a beta if you buy something. Its just something the devs want to give you for buying their product.

thehitman2704d ago

Very good MMO its fun from the start and hope it stays that way. They just need to expand their servers though its going to turn into a huge problem fast if they dont do something about it.

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