The power of defiance in Killzone 3

Killzone 3 weaves two tales of internal strife that explore the meanings of subversion.

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choadley2767d ago

So this game is about more than space Nazis? I like these plot discussions.

Focker4202767d ago

KZ3's ending was incredible!! It opens up alot of doors for where the story can go.

We may actually get to play as the Helghast at some point. I really feel sorry for the Helghast, and I have a feeling Sev (now) feels the same way.

Burackus2766d ago

no way the helghast killed sev's family he's not going to feel sorry for them

Sadie21002767d ago

Ha, they weren't kidding about spoilers! But I read anyways, and that part seemed pretty cool.

LockeCole2767d ago

I was super-bored by Killzone 2's story. This makes me a little more hopeful for KZ3.

rod_furlong2767d ago

that was spoilerific but I assume everyone on N4G played Killzone 3 day 1 no stopping, right?

plb2767d ago

I did. I got it at 11am day 1 and beat it by 6pm

BabyTownFrolics2767d ago

I hope they start a new killzone trilogy that has the player playing as the helghast.

Gungnir2767d ago

That would be interesting to see the other side of the conflict.

beavis4play2767d ago

a new trilogy?
the way #3 ended - this situation isn't over........ if stahl is still alive? that WAS who got "welcomed home" by the helghast soldier? stahl seems very reckless and a little insane - so, who knows how this will play out.

Focker4202767d ago


Stahl is dead, Him and his ship were destroyed by a nuclear bomb. I'm guessing its someone entirely new. Or the real Visari. I'm guessing the one we killed in KZ2 was a body double.

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