First Glimpse of Batman: Arkham City's Menu When we told you we'd bring you every new piece of information on Arkham City we weren't kidding! It's not much but here's the first shot of the menu screen that all of us will be seeing for real this Fall.

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WhiteNoise2763d ago

It must be depressing going into the menu of s console game.

The video tab has 1 option...contrast.

Starting up a game for the first time and it's frozen in frozen in time at half the resolution of your TV.

Then you'll pay another $59 for a HD remake next gen because the next console won't have backwards compatibility with any of your games. Essentially turning a purchase into a rental.

drexl2763d ago

It must be so depressing being a PC gamer.

Not being able to play awesome games like Red Dead Redemption and LA Noire.

Perjoss2762d ago

Dont mock the pc crowd, they got Starcraft II, Civilization V and stuff like Shogun II and Diablo III coming soon, all EASILY fitting into the AAA category.

Not to mention Skyrim will look much better on a half decent PC compared to console versions.

The_Quiet_Man2763d ago (Edited 2763d ago )

@WhiteNoise - Must be even more depressing being a troll with no life.

On topic:
Watching the youtube vid in the article, have to say I'm glad theres no multiplayer being added. Too many devs cramming unnecessary multiplayer into games that don't need it, which in turn hurts the single player aspect.

I wonder with this game being more open, if the missions will still follow a set route or if you can tackle any part of map the way you want? Also it sounds like theres alot more villains in this game than the previous, should make the story more interesting & hopefully add a long campaign too.

spaceflake2763d ago

Looking forward for this game.