GR: Deus Ex: Human Revolution Choose-Your-Own-Hands-On

With choice being such an integral part of the Deus Ex: Human Revolution experience, Game Revolution has provided a unique, choose-you-own-adventure style Hands-On Preview representing over 6 hours of play time with the first mission in the game.

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Sev2699d ago

Haha, this was a awesome take on hands-on impressions.

insertcoin2699d ago

Eh, is it worse to have dead hostages or ungrateful ones (that might sue you afterwards)? Hard choice...

samurailincoln2699d ago

lol. That was a pretty unique article right there.

bananlol2698d ago

Just started playing the first one, great game. Cant believe i havent tried it sooner.

RageofReaper2698d ago

....And now I'm even more! I've read countless articles and posts, that have all got me mega stoked, but the style of this one really pulled me in good.

Awesome work Daniel Bischoff, superb write up, and I seriously doubt anyone who can say they aren't massively looking forward to it now, fan of the previous games or not.

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