"We don't need ten million subscriptions", says RIFT dev

Will Cook, Lead Dynamic Content Designer for upcoming MMO RIFT has said that they don't need ten million subscribers to be successful.

Speaking to Strategy Informer, Cook mentioned how focusing on serving the community was more important."It's been six years since WoW, and we've not even seen a pretender to the throne," he explained.

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herobyclicking2698d ago

I am sure they don't NEED 10 million subscriptions, but it couldn't hurt right? The trick of it is to make sure your game can hook enough players to form a community. Trion has been taking pot-shots at World of Warcraft in their marketing in attempts to garner those potentially disatified WoWers. But it is a boast, right? I am sure its a solid game, but how much different can it be? Time will tell.

I look forward to reports on the end game/event experiences!

Xfanboy2698d ago (Edited 2698d ago )

pre launch & they already have over 1 million subs!! It doesn't come out till march 1st!

herobyclicking2698d ago

That is just registered accounts, not paying subscriptions. I am sure there was a huge influx of people curious about the game (myself included)that created an account for the beta.

I like what they are doing, it felt familiar, like Guild Wars meets Vanguard meets WAR.

But there are SO many choices for MMOs. Tough, tough market.

STK0262698d ago

From my personal experience in the beta, Id say they'll be lucky if they can maintain 1M after the first few months.

ATiElite2698d ago

But it sure would be NICE says RIFT developer

Most MMO's have around 500K or less and do very well. Sure WOW has 10 to 12 million at $15 bucks a month is crazy cash flow.

Rift already has 1 million subscribers and the dam game isn't even out yet. It's gonna be huge and we will witness a huge migration from WOW to Rift then to TERA. I'm not sold on SW:TOR just yet.

Regardless PC gamers will have a ton more AAA MMO's to choose from. I got ISK for sell if anyone cares. just kidding. (Eve Online joke)

negroguy2698d ago

I havent played WoW since 2009, currently playing DC universe. Although when I was on watching someone play this it looked exactly like wow. From the loot, inventory, walk to graveyard, UI, and animations. I might have to try it but it looked like nothing different from WoW.

ATiElite2698d ago

yeh most ppl who played the Beta say that it's exactly like WOW but with better graphics in a different universe. They said they really like when the Rifts open up because that adds so much randomness to the game almost a game within a game type of feel.

I'm no WOW player and I won't be playing Rift as TERA with it's live action combat is more my style

radphil2697d ago

After being in all the betas that happened with Rift, they aren't far off about it being like WoW. It being EXACTLY like WoW is kinda inaccurate. It's more of a combination of WoW's PvE, EQ's crafting, Warhammer's method of Public Quests, and for PvP i can't think of anything off the top of my head atm, because you have a base style class, but you can mix and match which sub-classes you want.

Honestly it has it's own unique feel to it while having the feel from those other games. The Rifts and Invasions add a nice chunk to the game, because when it happens, you just work together without even being in the same party.

Danniel12698d ago

Good cos yer probably not gonna get them.

Miths2698d ago

I'm having a blast with the game so far (bought the digital pre-order yesterday to get into the headstart).

Fun and fast combat (and the public and temporary raid groups when rifts open are a welcome addition for people like me who otherwise tend to mostly solo in MMOs), a ton of options for skill combinations, plus pretty good graphics if your computer is fast enough to crank the settings up a bit (my aging Core 2 Quad, GTX 260 system can manage it at 30-40 fps at 1920x1200, high settings, plus some options - like shaders - increased further. It's not particularly pretty at medium settings though, so I've settled higher settings with that 30ish framerate, which fortunately feels reasonably smooth in this game).

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