Testing 'Call of Duty: Black Ops' Hit Detection in Real Life writes: "With 'Call of Duty: Black Ops,' developer Treyarch addressed myriad issues players complained about in the last entry, 'Modern Warfare 2.' However, one problem remained: hit detection.

Is it lag? Poor aim? Or an issue with the game itself? One man went into the woods to 'scientifically' illustrate the problem. Unfortunately, 'host migration' rears its ugly head."

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marioPSUC2734d ago

gotta love Elpresador, hes not all there mentally, but hes funny.

sunnygrg2733d ago

Have you seen his Dolphin Dive video?

Epic-ly hilarious.

KillerBBs2730d ago

LoL, this guy is on to something. Its more than what i got from Treylack.
As of 2/28/11 10:57 this game is still broken.

bwazy2733d ago

This guy's hilarious... A few marbles missing for youtubes sake, but damn hilarious.

PS-_-GAMER2733d ago

Whats Hit Detection? Can Someone Tell Me

FantasyStar2733d ago

He wanted to see if getting hit would produce a bloody screen...SO REAL!

/nah I'm joking.

snaz272733d ago

It's pretty much self explanatory, it's a method of detecting if you hit something or not, it's used in pretty much all games. You know it's probably easiest to see in a racing game.. You know when you're driving along and you just pass a car by mm's and you don't crash that's good hit detection, but then some games you can see a clear gap between the 2 cars yet you still crash, that's poor hit detection, it can be very frustrating. You ever shouted at the screen "but i didn't even touch him! And i still died/crashed!" poor hit detection.

RedDead2733d ago (Edited 2733d ago )

Another example would be shooting a foot behind someone in Black ops, but you still hit them. Or missing their head by an inch but still getting the headshot.

Also this guy Elpres, was once a RAGING Ps3 Fanboy, then he was sort of a 360 fanboy, now he's still slightly on the 360 sde but he plays ps3 games.

He hated K3 beta aswell. From the only vid I seen him, he basically said make it moore like Cod. He really is either one big brillant Troll, or just a retard.

floetry1012733d ago

This video is ancient history. Elpresador has since discovered a "glitch" on discovery and dolphin dived into icey waters. He just posted a video today of a tree falling on his head.

Possibly the greatest, mentally unstable troll the youtubes have ever seen.

Lekumkee2733d ago

This guy is either a genius or borderline retarded, I don't know. I just know there are some of his vids that had me rollin lulz, no joke he had me in tears with some of his vids.

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The story is too old to be commented.