The Nostalgia Factor: 7 Old Friends That Should Make a Triumphant Return

GP blogger DanCurtis writes, "Everyone has their favourites. Whether your allegiance lies with modern heroes such as Master Chief or Nathan Drake, or instead steps back through the annals of time and lies with classics such as Sonic and Mario, there's no doubt you will all have a favourite gaming character. Your favourites may even be a long forgotten character, one only remembered by a select few. These characters have been effectively put on the shelf for the moment, gathering dust and getting cobwebs steadily attached to them by opportunistic spiders. Well I say that this is not fair! Not fair, I tell you! I therefore construct this blog in celebration of these gaming characters, a list of ten old friends who I would love to see return in new and brilliant gaming instalments. With all these HD remakes flying around, who knows, it could be possible!"

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Solidus187-SCMilk2704d ago (Edited 2704d ago )

he was kinda a d-bag, but that game on SNES was fun.

I guess your right tho, noone really wants bubsy to come back after his horrible ps1 game.