Why Activision Should Buy Take-Two

With Activision killing Guitar Hero, True Crime and others and doubling down on Call of Duty and Blizzard titles, it's clear that the publisher could benefit from some more great IP. Although Activision does have a 10-year deal with Bungie, ultimately that's Bungie's IP to keep. The best way for the cash rich company to gain more properties, of course, is through acquisition. Sterne Agee analyst Arvind Bhatia argues that Activision would do quite well to pick up Take-Two.

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Solidus187-SCMilk2464d ago

because I hate activision.

Also, im sure the people at T2 would not be happy when Kotex keeps their bonuses for himself and fires them.

donniebaseball2464d ago

Ha. Yeah, but looking strictly at business it does totally make sense for Activision.

NYC_Gamer2464d ago

i dislike activision,but this move makes perfect sense from the business stand point

Seraphemz2464d ago

Yeah...totally agree with you!

UnwanteDreamz2464d ago

Activision just closed another development studio the other day. If Take 2 wants to be on the chopping block then its a great move.

NYC_Gamer2464d ago (Edited 2464d ago )

T2, has way more established franchises than the ones activision,closed down.millions of people buy titles from T2 owned studios.

Tony-Red-Grave2464d ago

whoever wrote this should shoot themselves if anything EA should buy them n merge their 2K sports division with tiburon n make a new 2K game in the form of madden. not activision go blow yourself both the writer n poster

Elven62464d ago

Since they were SO successful in 2008...

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Forbidden_Darkness2464d ago

Would you like for the gaming industry to be RUINED? That would be the absolute worst thing that could have to the gaming industry right now. Take-Two has a wonderful amount of great IPs and I would not want to see those ruined by koticks money hungry BS.

NYC_Gamer2464d ago (Edited 2464d ago )

every industry is about expanding and making profit.this move wouldn't ruin nothing for the many shareholders it would increase their wealth.this gaming business is no hobby for the corporate suits its just another window to collect $$$ from...

Klepto2464d ago

Yeah it would increase a load of rich assholes wealth but fuck over every developer for T2. So yes this would be an awful thing.

NeloAnjelo2464d ago

How about why Activision should die a slow painful death?

dbjj120882464d ago

Please God, don't let this happen.

Raptura2464d ago

Fuck that, I don't want an annual GTA.

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The story is too old to be commented.