The Alyona Show: Geohot Interview 2/24/2011

A new Geohot interview is out from the The Alyona Show. The interview talks about the latest PS3 hacks and what Geohot thinks of Sony’s (recent) actions, and his lawsuit.

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NYC_Gamer2769d ago (Edited 2769d ago )

Sony is giving dude exactly what he wants all the mainstream attention

Blad3star2769d ago (Edited 2769d ago )

Agreed - I did not know who this guy was until this court case with Sony started.

Now you cant go on a gameing site with out seeing the name Geohotz.

Active Reload2769d ago (Edited 2769d ago )

@ 5:14 he sounded like Yoda. Intentional, was it not?

Active Reload2769d ago

Ummm yeah...definitely Yoda, lol.

Biggest2769d ago

Sony is giving him mainstream attention? Don't you mean the mainstream media is giving him attention? There are millions of people in court right now and no one knows anything about them. It isn't because Sony hasn't decided to give them attention.

Eamon2769d ago

Biggest, it's just that Sony is "indirectly" giving geohotz media attention.

He is the first guy to jailbreak the iPhone and jailbreaking iPhones was made legal.

And Sony, a mega corporation, is taking this guy to court, so it would be illogical to think that the media wouldn't have any interest in the matter.

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Raf1k12769d ago

He's really loving the attention.

Blaze9292769d ago (Edited 2769d ago )

agree. Which just supports his claim @1:44 where he said, "attention Sony has brought to this issue."

Him doing this interview just opened this news, the hack, and him to thousands of more people. And it will just continue and continue to grow. Probably will get even more money donations now.

It's like they want to hide all details about this hack yet the more the try the more they are bringing attention to it. Like a double edged sword. Trying to silence and erase is just making it louder and more wide spread. Free publicity. Damn right he's loving it.


@5:01 - lmao, someone is pretty damn confident. Must have some REALLY good lawyers. I too believe he'll win this case.

Blad3star2769d ago

Can you imagine if he wins the case. He will be rememberd as the David and Golaith of our times.

GSpartan7772769d ago

@Blaze929 he was interviewed on various news sites and G4tv. It's out there already. However, that doesn't mean anything if people have no interested in this at all. The average consumer will not hack their PS3 because they don't know how to and most likely fear of fucking something up.

@Blad3star you make it sound as if he'll be the first individual to ever win a case for being sued against a major company. Even then Sony isn't even suing him for damage, lost sales or anything.

DragonKnight2769d ago

Blad3star: No he won't. He's not that important. And he won't win anyway. The PS3 is not a phone.

JD_Shadow2769d ago

Well, wouldn't you if you had it and/or were given it?

@DragonKnight: Thank you, Captain Obvious! The way I can't call anyone with my PS3, I could've figured THAT one out! -.-

Man, if THAT'S Sony's only argument, then we can start getting the mass production of CFW underway NOW!

Eamon2769d ago

@GenoZStriker, it depends. Apparently, installing CFW on the PS3 is as simple as on the PSP. It doesn't look too difficult. And besides, when jailbreaking an iPhone was made legal, loads of shops opened up confidently to jailbreak and unlock people's iphones for cash. That could happen for the PS3.

DragonKnight2768d ago

@darkpower: wow, did you put your whole day into that? seems like it with how serious you took the comment and the time you took responding to it.

Oh wait, you donated money to him didn't you? Yeah that explains it. *rolls eyes*

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JD_Shadow2769d ago

Ummm...what does that even MEAN?

Biggest2769d ago

Two people that don't know what the term "mouth breather" refers to. And one of them thinks that you can only breathe through your mouth.

taken from the link: "Thus the term 'mouth breather' is used as an insult towards a person with a perceived lack of intelligence or someone with poor social skills."

NAGNEWS2769d ago

I hate when he say "I mean..bla bla"

this guy can't open his eyes(he really can't, look at the video)and realize that hacking is bad for his health

GSpartan7772769d ago (Edited 2769d ago )

Sony isn't the one giving him mainstream attention. The media is. Sony has not released a single court paper to the public. They have kept quiet about all of this since this happened, till the recent PSN agreement and announcement they made about banning people using jailbreak and even then, I do not believe that more than 10% of PS3 owners will know about this.

This case is honestly not that big as everyone makes it out to be. GeoHotz himself said that this case will blow over. When it happens people will completely forget about it till another retarded site looking for hits brings the case back up. But then again, it's the internet and we blow everything out of proportion.

HungryGoku2769d ago

Yeah he is broke from paying the lawyers and he is shiting in his pants by all they see is his fake smile lol how pathetic.

Eamon2769d ago

Actually Sony has released court papers to the public as far as I can remember. They revealed how they were keeping logs of hackers' IRC channels and comments on geohot's blog etc.

Technically, court is supposed to be open anyway. Although, I'm not sure with civil cases.

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CanadianTurtle2769d ago

Wow, to think she was so easy on him. I would've bashed the hell out of him and his immature idea of releasing the hack to public. A company that publishes my favourite games like "Resistance, Uncharted, Killzone, and Infamous" are now losing a law suit that they should've won a long time ago. This is going to affect Sony's PS3 in every way possible.

And hes talking about how fear never wins? Dude, it's working. People are being banned from PSN for using these hacks, and that sends off a message to anyone who attempts to use these hacks. It's better than doing absolutely nothing.

Never in my life have I seen an attention whore so annoying before...

Blaze9292769d ago (Edited 2769d ago )

wow, get a tissue and wipe them tears. Contrary to what N4G's "audience" make it seem to be, not everyone hates/cares about this guy. You would have based the hell out of him? Lmao calm down buddy.

And no one is being banned. I find it funny we have no proof, pictures, anything about these recent "bans". Who are these people getting banned? How does it work. We have NOTHING but some baseless txt that for all we know, Sony could be spreading around using that same "fear" GeoHot is talking about in this interview. I know 6 people with jailbroken PS3s who still go online on PSN EVERYDAY and havent been banned yet.

I actually like this dude, I find him amusing. This whole situation is amusing. Stuff gets hacked. Deal with it. You don't see the PC, 360, wii community crying like the PS3 fanbase is right now. ridiculous.

lucifon2769d ago

Precisely. Indeed block anyone using pirated games from using the system as that's certainly not right, but he said it himself he purposely didn't release the original version with the ability to do this. Nor does he support that. It's spot on that Sony are only trying to send a message with this guy, you don't see Apple QQ'ing and attempting to sue him.

JD_Shadow2769d ago

Though I question what your TRUE motives are for wanting Sony to lose in this case, Blaze (I know your past on this site), I can agree with you. The woman is trying to be bipartisan (something most people on N4G have forgotten needs to EXIST in this discussion). I posted a blog concerning the reason why many on here are against Geohot. You should read it (I know...shameless self-promotion. So sue me).

And, umm...Sony is STILL publishing most of those games. It's not as if Sony is stopping all production and development of said games.

Thing is, the reason why Geohot is hated now is because, as you said, Blaze, the whole lunatic fringe of the Sony fanboy community and Sony themselves were taken down a peg after their impenetrable fortress were exposed as not being as impenetrable as they were made out to be. The loss of a weapon to use against 360 fanboys on this site (who are actually WORSE THAN THIS, if you can believe it) is not something the fanboys really wanted. The reason why Geo was thought of as a hero in the Apple case was because they don't have the rabid, "don't tread on me" mentality that we're seeing now.

Biggest2769d ago

"you don't see Apple QQ'ing and attempting to sue him."

Because they already tried and lost. They lost because they made the iPhone exclusive to one carrier. He made it possible to use your iPhone with any carrier. If he was able to make the PS3 play 360/Wii games, he might be able to beat this! But no, not really.

SoapShoes2769d ago

This shouldn't be allowed on N4G. Someone remove it.

Kon2769d ago

Why? Everyone knows him, why try to hide it?

Zinc2769d ago (Edited 2769d ago )

It will not be removed and there is no reason to remove it. It directly relates to gaming news. If you don't like it, treat it like it doesn't exist, just as you apparently want everyone else to do...

EDIT: No, it's not. Just don't pay attention to it. People enjoy self-denial for so many things in their lives, why not GeoHot too? It's amazing what people can make themselves believe. Use that awesome ability and harness it toward denying GeoHot's existence. That will surely help everything, right?

I'm trying to make a point here. Please tell me someone gets my point.

Kran2769d ago

Little bit hard to do that when his face is plastered all over N4G.

Eamon2769d ago

lol, Zinc, don't even bother explaining. Most of these users on N4G are immature kids who are still facing the stubbornness and angst of maturity.

citan2769d ago

Punch in the face. That's what I think every time I see him. Not because of what he did. Just because of his looks.

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