Killzone 3: Extra Scene After the Credits Sparks Debate Over Possible Killzone 4 Plot

**Spoiler Warning: The following article contains massive spoilers regarding the plots of Killzone 2 and 3.**

There is an extra scene showing Helghast troops using a scouter and finding a ship amongst the wreckage and green petrusite mist created from the final battle in the game. The door of the ship opens and the scene ends with the Helghast troops saying "Welcome Home, Sir." Which leaves the question... Who is it that emerges from the ship that they are referring to as Sir? Currently there are two solid theories as to who it could be, check out video and full details...

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-Alpha2769d ago (Edited 2769d ago )

I hated this ending. The ending was so blah compared to K2, and it just happened out of nowhere. They tried something "big" with the whole galactic battle, but compared to fighting Radec in a very intense battle, this comes off very bland. Radec was so hard, epic, and I loved the personal encounter with him. The space battle didn't feel right to end the game. I was really hoping for some epic boss fight, Stahl is a coward compared to Radec.

Also, *SPOILERS* it may be Stahl judging by the shadow cast on the Helghan in the last scene. Or maybe the double theory is correct. Nitrowolf made an observation-- there are picture frames of the Helghast leaders and one of them is some new character, so perhaps they will introduce somebody else. We never saw Stahl die, so I'm assuming it is him

I got somewhat lost in the plot, but they nuked Helghan, right?

I hope they give us a better perspective on the Helghast, I really want to play as them. The beginning of K3's story is such a tease in this regard.

HOTA9X2769d ago (Edited 2769d ago )

I think its Visari, because he has green eyes not brown!!!

JoeGrizzly2768d ago

there was a problem with his eyes changing colors in the first game too

alphakennybody2769d ago (Edited 2769d ago )

SPOILERRRRR!!!!sthal definitely died in that explosion, it's probably visari. He's too important to be dead, he might have been resurrected with the experiments they've been doing in stahl's lab. in the inflitrating lab mission they were, doing other human experiments(No it wasn't for weapons because they were already in use)

theonlylolking2769d ago

The ISA took visari's body(so it seems). If visari is alive and it is him then the ISA took the double's body and not visari.

mephman2769d ago

I think Stahl would be the obvious choice, purely because it looked like some kind of escape pod.

Hopefully they don't go for obvious though.

beavis4play2769d ago (Edited 2769d ago )

alhpa - they nuked stahls ship. it was close to helghan and the explosion seemed to have a reaction with the planet.......what it's done isn't known yet.

i thought the survivor HAD to be stahl. the articles second theory blows my mind! it could very well be visari. it would explain why there were no guards directly with visari at the end of KZ2. it would explain why his daughter recoils in disgust at the sight of her "father" in the opening of KZ3.

dang it - i WANT some answers....i WANT KZ4.

trounbyfire2769d ago (Edited 2769d ago )

there were dead unarmed helgast in the hallway leading to visari chamber. they were shot in the back because they were facing visari chamber. they were killed before sev and rico got to the radec fight.

it could be the helgast that retreated but when radec is told the palace has been breach he say why hasn't the second platoon... < i think the second retreated so that leaves the dead helgast in the hallway unknown.

now why are they dead, why are there gas containers next to them, why is visari still there if they are burning down the palace.

something happened in the palace before it was stormed by the isa, dead helgast and them burning it down.
read my first comment above. it might help.

sobekflakmonkey2769d ago

The planet went ape shit not because it was nuked, but because that giant fuckn space station connected to the planet fell down on it and ended up causing a huge chain reaction, they dropped that bomb on stahls ship, and that caused the tower to fall.

Kingdom Come2769d ago

Judging by the shadow, you're right, it shows strong resemblances to Stahl. However I think with the scene being engulfed in mystery and the clues found in Killzone 2, it would make sense for it to be Visari... that and Brian Cox is an absolutely legendary voice actor.

dragonyght2769d ago

its Stahl looks like he got away in a escape pod

-Alpha2769d ago

Good point about Visari's daughter.

I guess we'll find out in K4

beavis4play2769d ago (Edited 2769d ago )

when first saw that - it kept bouncing through my head the whole game - i couldn't figure out why his daughter would have that reaction to him - and then i read this theory that it wasn't really mind is BLOWN!

trancefreak2769d ago

Alpha I think they nuked the city to kill the Isa forces and also to open the ground up for the green substance matter.

The story is weird in some parts because it feels like crucial elements are rushed in the cut scenes and you have to pay close attention to them.

Kinda wish is was pieced together like uncharted 2 was.
I understand the story but I think it could be deeper I mean it really could. I wouldn't of minded if guerrilla Sony waited longer to release a more story driven game. It needed more cohesiveness.

I dont think stahl died either. i watched the credits and it appeared stahl was being rescued.

sobekflakmonkey2769d ago

@Alpha-Male22 I dont know why you got so many disagrees, that story fell flat, and it just kinda honestly, it was the most anti-climactic ending in gaming history...and if people disagree with that they are THE BIGGEST sony fanboys in the world, i mean im a sony fanboy to an extent, but if you can actually say that end to killzone 3 was good you have issues.

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BattleAxe2769d ago (Edited 2769d ago )

I can't figure it out. Obviously its someone important and someone that we know. I got to thinking that Sadam Hussein had "look alikes" or "doubles" that would be used to confuse forces that were trying to assassinate him. Maybe the person that Rico killed in KZ2 wasn't really Visari.

-Alpha2769d ago

I'd hate to think someone like Visari was killed by an asshat like Rico.

trancefreak2769d ago

Ya and why the hell is rico still your sidekick.

He gets in the way still gets him self wounded and I get sick of reviving him once again.

Kingdom Come2769d ago

Visari. His eye colour in the Intro is different from that in the final scene and also iduring the Palace attack the Helghast suggest, "The ISA are here, we have to go.". However, Stahl would surely have known the executed Visari was a double...

I'm not even that much of a fan of Killzone yet I think its obvious, and for the mystery to have an impact, for the mysterious survivor to be a character to be one of whom had only been inroduced in the same game (Stahl) would be pointless.

I do like after credit sequences especially those that leave the audience guessing, my favourite being the Gears of War 2 After credit Adam Fenix voice recording (Although that obvious with me being a Gears obsessive)

Maybe more will be discovered in the NGP title...?

MerkinMax2769d ago

Except they make me lose sleep because I always over analyze them.

Kingdom Come2769d ago

Yeah but they just allow you to come to us your imagination and investigate further in to the game looking for the slightest clues.

ImSoHeavy2769d ago

Exactly, the devs probably didn't even think of the second theory but could use it with enough people saying they like it.

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