Who Will Win the Video Game Wars? The Definitive Answer

In its latest report market research firm DFC Intelligence predicts that Nintendo's Wii will win in Japan and could be the overall market leader worldwide. Interestingly, DFC thinks the PS3 could be a "strong second" and could even lead in software revenue. Because of the challenge Xbox 360 faces outside North America, DFC thinks it will finish third.

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mikeslemonade4099d ago

The Wii only has 2:1 margin in recent weeks over PS3 and the Wii actually isn't sold out everywhere in Japan.

ItsDubC4099d ago

True, the Wii hasn't been selling as well in Japan as of late due to lack of a major game release. In fact, both the PSP and PS3 have been doing pretty well against their Nintendo counterparts lately.

The next major Japanese Wii title will be Mario Galaxy in about a month, so Wii demand is bound to pick up for that.

I wouldn't downplay anything that sells "only" 2:1 to its competitors tho. Let's not forget that Japan and Singapore are the ONLY Asian countries so far where the Wii has been released, with South Korea's Wii launch coming in a couple months. So there is still a lot of sales potential in the Asian market.

jay34099d ago

I win the war.

I get the games I like, I enjoy myself, I win.


AngryHippo4099d ago

....probably the most sensible and decent comment i have read on this web site in a very long time. Have a bubble dude.

Captain Tuttle4099d ago

What're you thinking?

Have another bubble.

Rooted_Dust4099d ago

Wow, props to you for being the Anti-fanboy.

P4KY B4099d ago

And if you like multiplayer, its whichever console the majority of your friends have.

Keowrath4099d ago

LOL well said Jay3! I predict you'll go up to 23 bubbles over night.

Great comment.

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Laexerias4099d ago

In my Opinion:
The Consoles of the Next Gen like Wii and Xb360 are, dunno...
A good example is the PS2 of the Last Gen.. its the Console which survived the last gen and is still alive in the next gen as a very popular console..
AND why? Cause the PS2 had Hardware that was not for only 2 Years,
the devs needed more time to make incredible games, like:
God of War
Shadow of Colosseus
Final Fantasy 10/12
Metal Gear Solid 3
they needed to research HOW MUCH CAN THE PS2 HANDLE, and they know it,
and just 5% of the devs which develop for the PS2 uses the MAX-POWER of the PS2

The PS3 will be the surviver this time again, it got the hardware,
but this time the great Devs from Square Enix or Konami and Capcom and Namco Bandai can use everything they want to reach their limit, but the ps3 can handle it, so there is no problem, this time, the Devs got their maximum, not the console! And so will the PS3 reach its maximum imo in 2~3 years.
Its sad to say it but the XB360 already reached its limit like Epic said with Gears of War, so nobody can say: There will be better games than Gears of War!
And folks, Halo3 is not Gears of War, okay? There are Dimensions between those games, Gears of War is a masterpiece.

Nevermind, think about it, im not a PS3-Fanboy, but i like my PS3 more than every other next-gen-console. :) Im still a 360/Wii User.

Kholinar4099d ago (Edited 4099d ago )

The ps2 is a great example.

The least advanced hardware won. It happens that way most of the time, because hardware < games. Once all three have been out more than two years we'll know.

FF7numba14099d ago

wii is really behind the other two consoles. nothing like ps2.

Iceman100x4099d ago

The Wii only has 2:1 margin in recent weeks over PS3 and the Wii actually isn't sold out everywhere in Japan.

maybe that's because they shifted most of the productions to satisfy people over here, and next time read up on these things before you post this stuff.

Rooftrellen4099d ago

If its not sold out that means demand for the Wii is twice as much as demand for the PS3.

It's not because of the shipments comming to America, but because, finally, supply has met demand.

However, that doesn't speak well for the PS3. After all, based on demand for both consoles, Nintendo is still doubling the sales of the PS3!

I do find it funny that Sony fanboys say things like the Wii is dieing because its only selling twice as much as their system.

Tyrael4099d ago

Here's how I see it, if I had to make a prediction:

Xbox 360
the most consistent console of the next generation, it has an excellent initial user base because it came out first, and has the largest game library. The 360 is like the runner who got a decent head start and is running at a medium pace until the finish line. Microsoft had been coming across a few hurdles during the race, what with the Red Ring of Death and skeptical Japanese gamers, but has been able to more or less avoid these barriers by coming up with solutions. Consistency is key.

Playstation 3
call her the "tortoise" of the race, because although a high price point and small games library has led to a sluggish start, Sony's powerhouse is using Blu-ray as an afterburner of sorts. If Blu-ray is a success, if Sony can drop the price of the console, and if the games library can crank out some AAA titles, there's nothing to stop this freight train from blowing past 360 and Wii as it "sonicbooms" its way to the finish line. The question is, can Sony turn on the afterburner soon enough to get that momentum going, because Wii is still far ahead, and 360 just grabbed a bottle of water from the sidelines in the form of Halo 3, as they near the finish line that is the NEXT generation.

Nintendo Wii
this little sucker has two powerful tools going for it, motion sensing and a comparatively low price point. The Wii started the race at a full speed sprint, and is in danger of getting tired towards the last lap because the other two consoles will drop price points, and offer a better package of gaming overall (HD games, graphics). Don't lose your breath near the finish line Nintendo, Xbox 360 is right on your tail and PS3 is in the back gaining speed.

4099d ago
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