Gunner Wright, The Newfound Voice of Isaac Clarke

Hell Descent: Where was Isaac’s voice in the first Dead Space? We don’t know, but we’ve found it in Gunner Wright in the epic sequel Dead Space 2. The game has came, saw, and conquered. Now we have a chance to talk to the man behind the necromorph killing space engineer. We discuss Gunner’s interest in horror,working on the game, and his interest in the Dead Space movie.

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Arsenic132702d ago

He looks like Isaac, he sounds like Isaac, and he's done live action acting, he can do this.

redsquad2702d ago

Yeah, saw him in the GI JOE movie (small part and he ended up getting shot), but he has 'star looks' and managed to give Isaac a lot of gravitas. I think he would be spot on for any DEAD SPACE movie - Hollywood, of course, would have other ideas I'm sure.

Quagmire2702d ago

What the fans want: Gunner Wright
What the Director wants: Marky Mark or Zac Efron

Quagmire2702d ago

him shnozz be different dan Isaacs