Sony India Boss: NGP will truly revolutionize the handheld gaming space

Gamingbolt writes: When asked how does the NGP revolutionize handheld gaming and will people play console games on their handheld device rather than “handheld” games while they’re travelling, he replied:

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psb2551d ago

they price it well, the price really matter for me. Anything below $350 and i will buy it day one. The tech on offer is too good.

2551d ago
crystalnova20042551d ago

Let's hope they don't do what they did with PSP and PS3 and charge you an arm and a leg for it. Otherwise this will definitely be something to look forward to.

halocursed2551d ago

These handhelds will revolutionize my Bank Account, it'll be empty for a change. :/

BIGTRIN2551d ago

Hah ya... Looks amazing, but well said.

smurfz2551d ago

It won't do anything except loot people of their hard earned money.