Deus Ex HR - The First Three Hours

From the feature preview:

"If you have any sense about you, especially those with insatiable hunger for every piece of info surrounding the third entry in the Deus Ex series, please sit down and make yourself comfortable, I’ve got a lot to talk about. Earlier this week I had the chance to share the thrilling sequences that open up Human Revolution, but Eidos Montreal has been kind enough to fully lift the curtain to allow me tell you everything that proceeds the opening credits up until the end of the first level. If my preview earlier in the week didn’t quite capture your heart, read every word below my friends, since the first 20 minutes of the game don’t even begin the explore the awesomely complex nature and wildly varied gameplay options that comprise HR. Last we saw Adam Jensen, his love was being taken from Sarif Industries and unknown and heavily augmented soldiers had handed him his ass as well as several other body parts on a silver platter."

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UltimaEnder2733d ago

Really looking forward to this game now...