The Top 5 Things Killzone 3 Needs to Fix Right Now

The PlayStation Show takes a look at the top 5 fixes that could be implemented into Killzone 3 right now to make the game potentially the best FPS the PS3 has ever seen.

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XMBeaner2732d ago

What the hell, this game is perfect. Shut this article down my Helghantistas.

--------2730d ago (Edited 2730d ago )

"If you are one of the people using the assault rifle with the marksman class, please eat a dick."

- Someone needs to stop raging and learn to play the game tactically, whilst enjoying it for the masterpiece it is. If you're getting raped online, either use what they're using, or better - play Elite Botzone until you master it. Play smart, not everything is going to go your way. Either adapt to the game or return it and stop clogging up my already cesspit like newsfeed with pathetic articles.

If I were to speak to the writer of this article in real life, my every response would be 'U mad?' as Crybabies don't understand logic. They just want GG to do everything they say, like a spoiled child. However, I do agree with Mute All and Clan Officer features.

Craptain_Steel2730d ago

Why are people so mad overthe Marksman using the STA52? I used it cause i wanted to use an assault rifle, and i had 2 points at the time.

-Alpha2729d ago (Edited 2729d ago )

Sure, pick an immature quote out of the forums when there are tons of logically stated criticisms.

And for the last time, a complainer =/= a bad player. The game isn't perfect, and to think that people think that there aren't ANY issues online worth mentioning is just absurd.

The problem with a marksmen with an assault rifle is obvious:

A class that can stay invisible ignores the objectives and hides with THE best assault rifle in the game. He has the view of the battlefield, or can hide in certain areas and immediately gets the drop on enemies.

I've seen it one too many times that this class is used just to KDR whore.

The marksmen is supposed to be a cover class, but nobody uses it to cover a team.

Also the constant radar jam by multiple marksmen is annoying as hell, especially in small maps like Kaznan jungle.

At least the radar jammer gives away the position of the Marksmen class, but if people are smart they wont upgrade to Marksmen x3 because Marksmen x2 is actually better, which is odd.

I'm all for the removal of the assault rifle OR the replacement of said assault rifle with an inferior SMG/AR Giving the best assault rifle that is easiest to use to a class which all the COD noobs go to use is annoying.

The marksmen can dominate all ranges as a result of his class setup making him the easiest class to manipulate

I'd also like to see the damage ribbon significantly dropped, giving +25% damage for getting a simple 5 assists is way too easy/high

I think most important is the ability to squad on spawn leader and have more TSAs at the moment. That alone would fix the issues of TSA's and the imbalance they can cause on certain maps.

Almost nobody plays turbine concourse because that map has a terrible TSA layout. At least allowing a spawn on squad leader can give us back that freedom K2 offered

FunAndGun2729d ago

The Marksman with an assult rifle is a joke.

Can't wait til the custom games patch comes to get rid of that stupid shit.

--------2729d ago (Edited 2729d ago )


That quote was from the article, actually.

I stay cloaked and kill from a distance in BodyCount. When the mode switches, I switch to the M66 machine pistol and travel to the objective, constantly behind cover.

I try to creep up on enemies and kill them silently, then capture the objective. I play this way because it's the most fun, and I get rewarded for it.

If someone else's playstyle is different to my own, big deal. They purchased the game, they can play it however they want. Angry about it? Counter it.

People are predictable, KDR Whores have a pattern - most of them don't even bother switching spots after a kill.

By all means remove the Assault Rifle, I don't use it. However, of you're looking to make a huge list of changes, go back to Killzone 2, if that's what you enjoy. Or wait for the Custom Games patch, either way you're getting what you want, so complaining is not necessary.

If you hate Marksman class THAT much, don't play. Crying is for little girls, not someone with the name 'Alpha Male', with a lot of speech bubbles. You're obviously not retarded, and you make a good argument, but you're not entitled to make multiple changes to a game that is very, very well made.

When the Custom Games patch comes, perhaps we can see a 'Retro' playlist included. The majority of players are very pleased with the game, but maybe the aforementioned playlist could please the extreme minority - we'll see.

Either way, I'm happy with the game as it is. If I come across something I dislike, I shrug it off and learn from it. People who sit around screaming 'CHANGE THIS, NOW.' at the developers of a game should play a different game, as they're obviously not enjoying it. Simple really.

-Alpha2729d ago (Edited 2729d ago )

Well the article is pretty immature, then.

And good for you for doing the objective. Now if only others could do it too.

Your assumption that complainers are bad players is very ignorant. Many people who are complaining are quite good at the game-- they complain because they have concerns with the game. Just because you complain doesn't mean your some player who isn't winning matches. It's very well the case that you've tested the marksmen class and didn't find it balanced yourself.

Undermining a community's feedback by labeling them as fanboys/whiners/noobs is a pretty cheap way of ignoring the issue.

The reason why GG is patching stuff like medic range is BECAUSE the community "cried" But if more people like you called the game perfect or tried to shut down criticisms we'd have no improvements.

Unless you haven't noticed GG WANTS to hear criticisms for their game, they made that abundantly clear when they opened the feedback forums.

Where did I say I was mad anyway?

"you're not entitled to make changes to a game that is very, very well made."

Where did I say this, either? It is your opinion that the game is well made and other people's opinions that the game is perfect. The community has a lot of well made arguments to state why they feel opposite. Instead of calling them all fanboys I dare you to go on to the forums and defend your position and see if you can hold an argument.

I find the class is catered towards the players who don't do objectives. I have more than enough people on my own team who will refuse to do the objective themselves because they are too busy hiding in corners.

The game isn't perfect, improvements can be made. It isn't a bad thing to think this, but it's clear it's offensive to think so around here

MariaHelFutura2729d ago

People are allowed to speak their opinions, people are allowed to critize their opinions.

I don`t think you understand this AT ALL.

-Alpha2729d ago (Edited 2729d ago )

Name calling is not valid criticism.

It only shows the inability to make a proper response to what is actually being discussed.

ChineseDemocracy2729d ago

Marksman class is a bit unbalanced, especially once you unlock the "Two Primary Weapons" skill. I usually have the STA52 as my main, then the sniper as my backup, and it's ridiculous how many kills you can rack up.

Jack-Pyro2729d ago (Edited 2729d ago )


I'm actually with you, whenever I see a Marksman on my team 9/10 he's hiding in or near the spawn with a sniper or in a corridor cloaked with the Assault Rifle.

I don't understand KDR whores at all, it doesn't help the team at all, it's worth peanuts where points are concerned compared to taking objectives and generally it's being a douche, I don't get it =/

I always put the objective first, ALWAYS, KDR be damned. Which is why Tactician is my favored class, and when I do use the Marksman, it's for two reasons, Assassination, and locking down a chokepoint in a defensive role.

As for the Marksman having an Assault Rifle, I don't mind it, it allows the Marksman to be used in a more offensive role should that be necessary, which will at least get SOME of the campers out of their hidey hole =/.


The game isn't perfect, and frankly it's silly to think so, but it's good, damn good, but that doesn't mean it can't be damn great either.

BattleAxe2729d ago (Edited 2729d ago )

The only thing I'd like to see them change is for them to make it so you can only talk to your team. I don't like everyone in the game to hear me if I'm calling out an enemy player, and I don't want to have to go into the player list and mute everyone on the opposite team manually. I'm not sure what their thinking was when they did this on KZ2 and KZ3. Its because of this that I don't bother to use my mic on this game.

Gawdl3y2729d ago

Three of the things on this list Guerrilla has already confirmed will be coming in a patch very soon, as well as custom games again.

dp2774072729d ago

hey sorry if im off topic but i have map pack dlc code for free message me telling me why you want it and i'll give it to one lucky person lol.

Headquarters112729d ago

This multiplayer fucking blows, they have a week to fix these fucking problems or else this shit is going right back to amazon. Waste of $60 along with marvel vs capcom 3.

How stupid can these developers be to give the infiltrator a shotgun, which you don't even notice is an enemy until he's right in your face.

xman062729d ago


Dude you can see the infiltrator coming by using your mini map. They are the only characters running a round with out a red or blue dot on the mini map, while disguised.

xAlmostPro2729d ago (Edited 2729d ago )


I fully disagree with your comment dude, the marksman isn't just meant to be a cover class.. infact either way whatever weapon you use from the marksman class can be used to "kill whore" if your sitting at the back cloaked or in a corner cloaked.. it's not just the assault rifle.

Difference is, if it's meant to be a "cover class" as you called it, that sounds like you would be moving around alot and in harms way to cover a certain person or objective, which can be tricky with a sniper. So it makes sense to have an assault rifle on the class for certain situations, i use the assasult rifle in the marksman because its got a decent speed reload and good accuracy so i capture the objectives using this class, run upto the capture point turn your cloak on. Then i'll stick the sniper on for the defending of search and destroy points and enemy assassinations.

As for the radar jammer, it's not as bad as your making it out, for a start if yours gets jammed straight away you know that there's an enemy within your distance, if you cant see him in a 360 radius then he's directly above or below you(depending on where your standing).

Fact is the marksman class is the only one meant for getting heavy amounts of kills, the other classes have abilitys that help create ammo crates or repair things, capture spawn points and deploy bots, disguise as an enemy, heal people..

Don't get me wrong just because i don't use it like a douche im not saying others don't, it's just not half as bad as it's being made out. Infact i often find my self more frustrated by a team who have like 10 out of 12 guys all using the infiltrator class with disguise turned on.

P.S im not saying this because i rely heavily on the assasult rifle class, infact my main weapon used is the sniper(although im far from a camper with it either)everytime enemy assination comes on i hear from my buddies "do your stuff AP" because it's my playstyle. I just honestly think theres other things that are far more over used that are much more frustrating.

paintsville2729d ago

This game needs color, color, color, and enemy variety.

Spydiggity2729d ago

I've had this game for one day and i've already experienced just about every thing the people here are complaining about. so why are people getting so many disagrees? the game is definitely not without his flaws and any object observer can see that.

seriously...the sony apologist thing is getting old. you're allowed to admit a sony exclusive has flaws, people. you don't HAVE to be a fanboy. that choice exists.

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jwk942730d ago

Stop being a fanboy, every game has it's flaws.

Spitfire_Riggz2729d ago

Except for Halo 3. That is probably the best multiplayer game I have ever had. I dont care if people think its for noobs, you had 4 player co op online, splitscreen online multiplayer, a theater, Forge, amazing customization. If any PS3 game had that we would be praising it like crazy trust me. The last shooter I played that had splitscreen online was Resistance 2.

FantasyStar2729d ago

I don't think anyone's going to argue about the wealth of features that Halo brings. But the gameplay itself is not perfect.

Aither2729d ago

I agree with you and can agree especially with Alpha. I loved the KZ2 Marksman as he had one weapon that could do him justice; the sniper rifle.

What the new to KZ community fail to realize is that the Marksman is just that, a marksman. He is meant to give cover fire for his teammates. It isn't a class to be a cover and hide in the corner until someone comes by and shoot him in the back pussy cat whore.

I loved the original marksman as it felt more like a genuine sniper giving back up with a more realism in physics approach. Now it just feels like a camping class that takes no skill to use the sniper rifle anymore for us snipers.

The sniper rifle is a big issue for me as no longer do you need to aim on where an enemy is headed, but now you just have to get the point on the enemy running or not and shoot. I preferred the more realistic having to shoot where the enemy would be as that is how physics of a sniper shot is.

Anyway at least they gave the spot and mark ability to the Tactician which was I think a better move. But if they had given the maps better positions for the snipers and gotten rid of the assault rifle I think that would of been more helpful to the Marksman class. But that is just my two cents.

jwk942729d ago

I praise Uncharted 2 as my favorite game of all time (previously held my Gears 1, it introduced me to online multiplayer) but both titles had their respective flaws. Like Uncharted 2's match making, inability to transfer recorded content to the HDD, inability to record co-op matches, i think there's more but I can't put my fingers on them.

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Ares842730d ago

Perfect??? Instead of being a blind fanboy look at the huge problems it has. Why do I have to shoot a whole clip into an enemy for it to die? That is a huge problem for me in a shooter. Why do they need to shoot me like 2x and than I die? Why aren't cover worth anything. They still get me behind it all the time. Why is each level so extreamly short? Just when it get's enjoyable it ends and goes to a cutscene. The only enjoyable thing in Killzone 3 so far was the joungle level.

Nitrowolf22730d ago

Yeah i get really annoyed with the running behind a wall and you die, and these are walls you can't shoot through. It's like i am behind the cover as soon as they shoot me but i still end up dieing.

--------2730d ago (Edited 2729d ago )


- Because KZ3 isn't Call Of Duty, both online and offline. One bullet won't kill them unless you're aiming for headshots. Improve your aim and use cover, stop standing there spraying bullets.

- Because you're not flanking, and you don't get behind cover quick enough. Guess what? Other players have legs too. If you're behind cover, they'll come after you.

- Short? If you're sprinting through the games Campaign on Easy, not going for trophies and not taking your time at all, the levels will seem short. Anything would. Play Elite and go for the Platinum, you'll be shocked at how difficult it is.

- The cutscenes are beautiful. Enjoy them, the game is stunning, that's part of it's appeal. If you don't like them, skip them. But you're missing out if you do.

Ares842729d ago


No, I'm not running through the game. There was a segment however that was only about running from point A to point B without fireing a single shot. It is on the junkyard level. Cutscene, running level, cutscene. How is that fun? Also, it doesn't have to be CoD, wth is up with everyone getting blamed a CoD fanboy if they are not happy with Killzone. I don't like CoD. I'm a Battlefield fan first and foremost.

The truth is, you shouldn't have to shoot so much into an enemy to fall. It's beyond accaptable. As for the cover, no I don't stand and spray people or just run and gun. I always stay behind cover and peak out and shoot than go back. But they still get me in a second. How the hell is that ok?

I didn't say I don't like the cutscenes but it's like 2 minutes of play and 4 minutes of cutscenes. That is what it feals like. It is SHORT, don't try to spin it.

awesomeperson2729d ago

"Why do I have to shoot a whole clip into an enemy for it to die"

What gun are you using? The only time I've ever encountered that is the ISA SMG, all the other guns it takes a lot less than that.

The_Claw2729d ago

loving Kz3 in 3D its amazing. Stop hating on 3D because you cant afford it.

The campaign is brillant, the online is ok at best.

First off, remove proxy mines. They dont go away after you die, and you can put down as many as your heart desires by resupplying. Its literally impossible to plant a charge when the entire team is throwing down 3 mines minimum.

2nd, why on earth did infiltrators get shotguns? By the time you realize its not a friendly your dead.

3rd, Lack of maps, lack of maps, and lack of maps. 3 for OP 5 for GW. thats just not acceptable.

4 No online coop whatsoever. no online botzone or campaign. Why on earth would you build that functionality into the campaign, then make it offline only. complete idiocy.

5. Connection issues. Kicked out of games, cant connect to games, cant join a game with a large party or it splits you up. This is the perfect example of why you dont have a two week beta two weeks before launch. The closed beta was limited to 15,000. unacceptable

I could go on but youve probably already stopped reading by now. For those of you who havent, I think this game should of been delayed until summer. Its clear this game needs some major polish. Connection issues, no co-op, and some mp balance issues keep this game from being 10/10 for me.

mrbattle4202729d ago

yes i agree with u!!i played mp for 3 days in row and just to find out the same ting,i empty a whole clip on some one and they turn around boom i am dead! and no team work at all is worst than cod black ops sorry at least i have some kind of fun ,I dont have fun at all in killzone ,the maps are just playing bad no room for movement i always get stuck on someting when i try to find cover ,and they only have those modes ,somebody mentions halo ,thats why nobody could touch halo mp the whole package on halo is the best sorry but this game is just graphics and thats what sony gamers are all about the best game on ps3 is uncharted ,love uncharted graphics are better not that weird color scheme !!some my next ps3 games is infamous and uncharted 3 the rest is just garbage and all the japan bullshit games with guys that look like girls and do the same shit for the last 15 years for example msg ,ff 1000,yakuza 4 and all those games never change gameplay at all ,ftw sorry for the grammar but not my language for the grammar hores out there!!

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Nitrowolf22730d ago (Edited 2730d ago )

No it's not.
Remove Move support/3D is the dumbest thing on that list. They are apart of the game itself, don't be dumb an say remove it cause it's optional to use.

But there is a lot of stuff that was removed from KZ3 that was in KZ2, that shouldn't have been taken out. I know it isn't that important but Kz2 patched it in, but i like the fact that i can move around while having the score board up instead of having my dude sit there.

It's not more of fixes that are needed, but more of features that need to be returned that were in the previous game.

Come on they removed weekly honor badge and the stat tracking isn't as good as it was in KZ2.

shoddy2729d ago

kids b1tch about thing that they don't even need.

Nitrowolf22729d ago


that isn't the same thing, Linux is something we honestly didn't need as you stated. Stuff they removed in Killzone 2 is what made the game so unique. In a sense compare KZ2 to KZ3, KZ3 is a bit dumbed down when it came to features.

I mean come on the game doesn't even have in-game music (KZ2 did)

jidery2729d ago

KZ2 got in-game music about a year after launch...

Anyone who is listening to music rather to the enemies footsteps is doing it wrong.

Nitrowolf22729d ago


no Killzone 2 had In-game music at launch, it even says right on the back of the box (Custom Music), idk what game your playing.

KZ3 box does not say it has it

Jazz41082729d ago

I have not played the mulitplayer so I won't comment as online is not my thing but I have played the single player and its horrible. I didn't think they could actually take a step backwards from part 2 but they took a giant step back as its atrocious to play and horrible story and short.not worth my 60.00 at all. Btw I loved bulletstorms singleplayer as it was clever and well written and fun to play.

Achemki2729d ago (Edited 2729d ago )

Way to troll by bringing in Jaggystorm. If you honestly think the KZ3 campaign gameplay is horrible & atrocious compared to Bulletstorm, man, that's crazy talk. We're talking Charlie Sheen. You think dicktits is witty and no MP is worth $60?

I don't know guys. This is the funnest FPS I've played in a while. Is it perfect? No, and nothing is. Even Bad Company 2 is broken now. Do what I did there. Move on. There's always Resistance 3, Battlefield 3 and MW3 this fall if that's more your scene.

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the_best_player2729d ago

removing Move and 3D is a really bad idea and a fan boy comment...

Maddens Raiders2729d ago (Edited 2729d ago )

is great. Stop bitching about who plays with what and DEAL with it. I don't play w/ the Marksman at all (yet) but if someone kills me w/ an assault rifle while cloaked... well that's my fault for rushing in like a fool and not making sure an area was clear.

As if... in real life you get shot by an enemy combatant in sniper regalia with an assault rifle - you're going to run up to him and yell, "foul!"..or maybe write a scathing letter to his c/o? Give. me. a. break.

gah - today's crybaby gamers make me sick.

TheMysterion2729d ago

But the problem is you do check to see if the room is clear when you have deemed it clear he becomes visible and starts shooting at you. He got the jump on you fine. You strafe a little and kill him, surviving with 1% health because you're superior in skill but no! He has the most powerful assault rifle in the game. So by the time you can react, the respawn timer is up. Invisiblity and the most powerful assuault rifle are just not fair. Snipers are supposed to be furthest back on the offensive line: a SUPPORT class. Not rushing like rambo alongside you or worse yet: camping while invisible with an assault rifle. This is gaming not real life and even if it was snipers aren't confused in real life. They are train to pick off and not move in.

rezzah2729d ago

There are always way to improve games either gameplay, graphicly, or story wise.

Eyeco2729d ago

The Number 1 thing KZ3 needs to fix is the Infiltrator Class, in fact get rid of it completely its horrible, 1 sec i see a teamate running towards me the next sec he's sticking a knife up my jaw.
Its frustrating as hell especially when everyone in the opposing team plays as one.

Reefskye2729d ago

I've never had a real prob with infiltrators, just a quick glance at the radar tells me if they are friendly or not even if friendly players are near you, not hard to count 3 people in front of me 2 on radar and if in doubt just shoot the player just to make sure not like your going to Team kill him.

I'll admit they do catch me off guard at times and in some situations they have a 2 second advantage but using the tools GG provided its not hard.

SnakeMustDie2729d ago

Play as Tactitian. Problem solved or just be aware of your surroundings. It's not like you can't see your crosshair turning red when you aim your gun at them.

Scary692729d ago

I agree with 2 and 3 also they need to fix connecting issues especially for warzone. There has been times if you have a big party you can never join a warzone game. Freezing issues if you back out the game or leave to invite a friend, it sometimes freezes and forces you to shut down your PS3.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2729d ago

Nah the game isn't perfect. It's more balanced. And even though I was really excited about the game I'm kinda displeased with it at the moment. The game is definitely more centered around team work and tactics this time around. But that isn't always a good thing seeing as how most of the community doesn't seem to give a flying flip about actually doing what their class or team requires. Tacticians won't capture TSA's (which are highly important), engineers set up bots in weird spots, medics won't heal ppl. It's gotten to the point where if you're not playing with friends or in a clan where your voice will actually be regarded you will definitely lose. In Killzone 2 if some of your team were only interested in their own kdr's you at least had a chance because all the classes weren't as strictly defined and thus you could carry out more tasks independently.

Other than that the shot gun and machine pistol are over powered (as per usual for the shotgun). And you now have to watch your step even more because now there are even MORE passages for enemies to sneak up on you with. In KZ2 I appreciated the "no safe place to hide" philosophy as it made camping nearly impossible but in Kz3 not only does every area has 2 or 3 different doors or windows that you have to guard but in lots of cases you have to watch ppl dropping down on you from above and coming out of tunnels from below (which to me makes it excessively difficult to move around as you can be attacked from anywhere at any time.)

But that's just me.

Aither2729d ago

A few reasons why this game is not perfect and could of been much better.

1. Get rid of 3D as not everyone has a 3DTV yet and it would of been more useful to increase the graphics and refresh hertz which would of given KZ3 a much more crisp and clear visual effect that would of blown anything out of the water.

2. Yes the assault rifle needed to be removed from the Marksman class as it should only be used for sniping, not camping.

3. Leave in move support as it neither hurts nor hinders development or gameplay. It is an option that is suitable for gamers that are more experienced in games like on the Wii. So it is probably a good option to have.

4. Leave the gameplay that way it is now for future KZ games. I think the gameplay now feels smoother and more crisp than KZ2, yet at the same time leaves the weighted feel that KZ fans like myself have come to enjoy.

5. Better sound. Not for the gameplay but more for the cutscenes. In the story mode while the music and voice actors are good, I felt that there were sound effects that weren't there that should of been. Many times it felt like the sound quality was cheap in the cutscenes and detracted from the story and game in general.

Those are the main complaints from me, but otherwise the game is great and deserves a AAA rating. Doesn't mean there can't be improvements but hopefully GG will learn from it's mistakes as they did with gameplay and story.

specialguest2729d ago (Edited 2729d ago )

KZ3 graphics and refresh rate did not suffer due to 3D when played on normal mode. It's only when you play on 3D mode did the graphics downgraded a little.

NeloAnjelo2729d ago (Edited 2729d ago )

For people complaining about the Marksman... This was done to bring the Marksman class into the objectives. Their scramble ability lets them team up with medics and Tacticians. Spot and Mark from KZ2 encouraged snipers to just sit there. Secondly, the maps are much smaller that KZ2's. I can't see where they can use the sniper rifles, except known spots, where they can easily be picked off by other snipers.

Spot and Mark has been taken away from the Marksman. They are easy to kill. When you compare this class to other classes I don't see it as over powered. For instance Tacts have spot and mark, capturing spawns and sentry drones. The medic has his bot, his healing ability and bleedout. Infiltrators can meele and sprint indefinitely without breaking disguise. As a result they sit just outside spawn areas... I think given all this, the only thing that can "used" by the marksman is the invisibilty, which is far weaker than KZ2's. Sentries and enemey fire now breaks the cloak.

The game still has certain server issues that can be fixed in terms of stability. If they take away the rifle, then give back Spot and Mark. Otherwise work on the fixes we really need. I don't complain about other classes. I rotate between Tact and Markman, depending on what the clan needs. As a former KZ2's Scout, I would much rather the class remain as it was. However, I adapt.

TheMysterion2729d ago

Well snipers aren't meant to be out doing objectives. They are meant to defend them from afar. I also agree with the fact that the sniper should have the spot and mark in exchange for the exclusion of the rifle. That would make the marksman a true sniper. There is no reason why the tactitian should have it. In the last game i played literally everyone on my team was a tactitian and no one capped spawns but me.

killalot1002729d ago

the sniper also gets the m66 and thats good enough for them do objectives. I use it all the time when playing with the medic, I actually prefer when fighting in close rang.

Philoctetes2729d ago


Marskman aren't snipers. They CAN snipe, but as Nelo pointed out, they were designed to encourage people to get in there and help with objectives too.

Marksman <> Sniper

milohighclub2729d ago

Winning peace of shit! Remove move? Y? I played with it and it was fucking awesome! Remove 3d? How does having these features affect you in anyway? U don't like it don't use it. Dick.

multips3fan2729d ago

i disagree the game is not perfect is can be very repetive at sometimes i spawn and im already killed by a sniper from across the map.Bots are soo annoying at times like there are 3 flying up in the sky just getting ppl weak once they spawn.i love the game but is just can be repetitive.ppl die for no reason lol

eterry2729d ago

i got annoyed when he complained about move and said no real player would play with it.

showtimefolks2729d ago

this game has improved on almost everything with KZ2 i played the sp before going to online. with Kz3 i have yet to even touch SP online ia great but a lot of times its finding games and getting error messages that's making me a little mad

but since it is a huge launch i am expecting this to get better soon sony should add more servers for sure

i play almost all classes engineer by far right now is my fav but i like to mix it up during warzone whatever role needs to be played to win too many people trying to get kills only

Jaces2729d ago

I liked KZ2's online better. I miss the weight when aiming, now it feels just like CoD which pisses me off.

That's not the only complaint but I don't feel like really getting into a deep reason as to why. ;P Campaign rocked my socks off though....until it ended 6 hours in.

RatherHavaBigGirl2729d ago

wasnt weight it was a technical issue. look it up. the controls are better now and the do not feel like cod

Vherostar2729d ago

These guys just show how stupid they are with number 4. Remove move and 3d support - with the money saved from that support you could make more maps.

Erm... ITS ALREADY BEEN DONE IDIOTS! They cant get the development money back now. Removing it now would have no effect on anything other than stop those who like using it. I think this guy gets killed A LOT and is seriously butthurt.

hesido2729d ago

The marksman and assault rifle problem seems to be an important one, just like the ridiculously overpowered assault class in KZ2. (heavy weapon+full health recovery+fastest player)

Can talk about the others, but the two things to fix as in "remove move support and 3d" are very much delusional. Especially the reasoning behind removing move, "because no serious gamer would use it". (I'd understand if he'd go for gameplay imbalance, even that would be solved by appropriate server filtering).

The work and resources that went to 3d support, he might have had a point, but it lead to the inclusion of split-screen co-op, so I won't complain about 3d support.

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ediddy9992732d ago

Wow this article is a little insane, but I agree with most of the points. I hope there is a patch soon because our clan isn't getting big fast enough.

DualConsoleOwner2730d ago

it includes clan improvement.

and custom match and etc.

theonlylolking2729d ago

I cant wait for that patch and I also think they should have a map pack for specific game modes.

For $5-10 you get 5 maps for that designated game mode. So operation map pack would only have operation maps, then you have warzone specific maps, etc...

Liefx2729d ago

The only problem I have with this game is when I'm hooked to a wall looking around a corner my bullets sometimes hits invisible walls.

ugo2732d ago

someone is desperate for hits

Kon2729d ago

Why, because he is pointing flaws in your "Perfect" game?

Ifone2729d ago

Say the trollfanboy with no game to play...

MariaHelFutura2729d ago (Edited 2729d ago )

N4G is the home of the "your either w/ us or against us" mentality.

I get called a PS3 fanboy about twice a week and a 360 fanboy about once a week.