Gaming Fanboyism: A Necessary Evil

We all hate fanboys, but maybe that hatred is a little bit misguided. In this article Shane Chandler takes a look at why Gaming Fanboyism is a natural outgrowth of the culture surrounding the industry.

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trounbyfire2697d ago

no crap everyone thinks we are troll but we are not gaming media turned us into troll so our opinion wouldn't matter. well our day is coming and i'll lead a revolution to get fanboys out of the closet if i have to because its 100% normal.

we are not trolls, we are not children, we are the people that don't try to be anyone else or ignore the part of us that picks a favorite just because its gaming. we are the truth and they will know it.

funny though they walk around with all apple crap by preach no fanboy. lol the gaming media did a good job making fanboys the trolls