Japan Expo Awards 2011 Nominations

The Japan Expo Awards 2011 have announced the nominations for last year's games.

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gaffyh2462d ago

Surprising to see no Wii nominations, Wii bubble already burst in Japan?

dude_meister2462d ago

It needs to burst everywhere else too hehe

lalalala2462d ago

Where the heck are all the exclusive titles like GOW3, alan wake, Heavy Rain????

George Sears2462d ago

Only Asian based games. I guess Published games count since Enslaved is there. (And a few others)

IronFist2462d ago

Looks like it, but Sony should count as a Japanese publisher?

George Sears2462d ago

I guess hardware console companies aren't allowed. Nintendo also publish there games and none aren't really there.

ThePsychoGamer2461d ago

GoW is a niche franchise in Japan, it was probably omited do to lack of popularity iin the country. I'm not even sure Alan Wake was even released in Japan.