Orcs Must Die! Hands on Preview

"Orcs Must Die takes place in a fantasy realm, where the War Mage must prevent a mob of Orcs and other villainous creatures from entering the magical rifts connecting the peaceful villages in the world of the order to the Orc homeworld. Players must take up the sword and bow of the war mage and provide the last line of defense against the mob, which has one singular goal: to enter the rift. Players won’t need to rely on their own combat skill, as they can place traps in order to slow and hopefully stop the progress of the mob. At its very core, the game plays like a third person tower defense game, however the team at Robot added a touch of character that makes it truly stand out."

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cain1412768d ago

I am so excited about this game.

randomlyrossy2768d ago

Looks like a really interesting game, surprised to see it coming from the Age of Empires guys.

themarriedgamer2768d ago

can't wait! looks like a crisp art direction

wwm0nkey2767d ago

Looks like a really fun and interesting take on the Tower Defense genre!