I Am Woman, Hear Me Rant... About Final Fantasy

Gamer Gyrl: "I have been playing Final Fantasy for over ten years. I love the turn based fighting. I love the spontaeneous fights. I love the visual appeal of the games. I love the rendered sequences. Most of that is actually because if the similarities to the dice RPG I was playing at the same time I started the Final Fantasy series.

As much as I love the series of games, I was immediately upset with Final Fantasy X-2. Sure, it was the same basic setup as the other games I adore- turn based fighting, elegant movie sequences and the rest of the stuff I mentioned earlier. My dissapointment stems from one source…the all female cast changes clothes to change their abilities! I know that the other games have headbands and jewelry and the like to add special abilities or resistances, but Titus never once changed clothes in Final Fantasy X! Why do the girls have to change their clothes?"

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Julie2703d ago (Edited 2703d ago )

I have no idea of wtf is this about lol!

This is the rant?:
"Why do the girls have to change their clothes?"

?? o.o