Modern Warfare reveal coming in just under 5 days

Here’s a quickie but a goodie.

Big news on the Call of Duty front today; Activision sent out dog tags with a link to the website


All is not as it appears; according to a statement from Activision, this year’s Call of Duty is not yet revealing itself. Comments a spokesperson for the publisher: “There seems to be a great deal of speculation about the next Call of Duty project. Let me be clear that we are not revealing yet. Anything indicating otherwise is a hoax.”

A hoax? Now who’d be the one to to benefit from something like that?


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Electro_UK2765d ago

Predictable. But still, YAY!

GrieverSoul2765d ago (Edited 2765d ago )

Well, Im happy. Black ops is history for me.
I hope it lives to the expectations. I just hope its as good as CoD4.

DarkSpawnClone2765d ago

it won't be..thats what we wanted from black ops and well you know how that turned out.

-Alpha2765d ago

I agree, CoD4 is still the gold standard.

I can't lie, I'm excited for it, I just hope it turns out well. Even if it's a milked game, if it's going to happen I may as well hope for the best

Dee_912765d ago

... i just want to kill makarov then im done with COD lol

Corepred42765d ago

how could you have wanted black ops to be as good as cod4 with it being made by the red head stepchild developer called treyarch? Same with this one since Infinity Ward is no more but if its made by at least some of the developers it can't be as bad as blops.

njr2765d ago

Fuck, not this shit again..

Undeadwolfy2765d ago

Don't hold your breath. It will be another dissappointment.

xAlmostPro2765d ago

I'd have been far happier if they just made a cod4 remake and spent more time producing the next game and making sure it's good.

However that won't happen. so if they're going to do anything right it's to take the gameplay back to cod4 style only 3 set killstreaks, remove stopping power juggernaught and last stand, some well designed maps, dedicated servers on all platforms and good performacne on each platform..

I'd actually be happy with that after how bad mw2 and black ops were.

We'll see, im not thinking about it until a month after release though.

Redman222765d ago

Get the fuck outta heeear. I feel truly bad for those people throwing their hard earned money away on this hacked POS franchise.

Sarcasm2765d ago

@njr, why do you act so surprised? "ZOMGGGG A new COD!!!?!?!?!? NOT THIS AGAIN!!?!?!? I THOUGHT IT WAS DONE!!!"


lociefer2765d ago

give it a rest already !

KillerBBs2765d ago

Black Ops was well design but It simply doesn't play right online. Fix black ops and repackage it and i would buy it again. Don't look at the star for ideas to make a better games... Simply fix the multi plater.

JLeVRT2765d ago

If its as good as CoD4.... ill gain respect back for Call of Duty again.

MitchGE2765d ago

I have Killzone 3 and Bulletstorm, so Call Of Duty is gonna have to work VERY hard for my $60 this year. Black Ops had a good campaign (compared to Modern Warfare 2's hot mess of a campaign), but the multiplayer is still plagued with server errors and lag and glitches. I might go back and finish off the achievements on a rainy day but I don't think I'll ever play Black Ops multiplayer seriously again.

Oh yeah, and Resistance 3, Gears Of War 3, Socom 4 and Crysis 2 are all incoming. Yeah, Call Of Duty is gonna have to REALLY hustle for my cash.

BattleAxe2765d ago (Edited 2765d ago )

I'd be happy enough if the next MW is as good as MW2. I'm a bit skeptical though after the abomination that is Black Ops.

MaxXAttaxX2765d ago (Edited 2765d ago )

Didn't they just release a game like... last week?

You guys keep getting over excited for the same thing over and over.
The end result is still the same.
Seriously, just rent it. You'll finish it in less than 2 hours and won't bother with the multiplayer for too long before noticing all the flaws... again.

I'm a little more excited for this game:

BATTLEFIELD 3 will actually be a quality, less noobish, game.
You can actually tell the difference and improvements from one game to the next.

Gam3s4lif32765d ago

I only like black ops for zombies.
COD4 FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!

NukaCola2765d ago

Well I'll admit that I want to know how the story ends, so I will rent this. COD will probably come out in Nov like every year, and I am sorry but so does Mass 3, Uncharted 3, and I am not missing those for this.

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Iroquois_Pliskin2765d ago

Oh God...! Please just be innovating and make a good ps3 port or else im not buying it.

Imtey2765d ago

It won't be innovative
It won't be a good port

I won't be buying either way, this is Activision we're talking about.

evrfighter2765d ago

"Please just be innovating"

you did it for the lulz?

BF3 is going to be the talk of the town come GDC. CoD is about to go the route of a poor mans fps.

HungPHATx2765d ago

Call of Cookie Cutter ! The franchise is over as we know it "sigh"

xAlmostPro2765d ago

Agreed COD's official dying.

There' to many great FPS games released and going to be released this year..

We have killzone 3, bulletstorm.. then we'll have crysis 2, brink, homefront, resistance 3, battlefield 3.. <there's plenty, take your pick.

MRMagoo1232765d ago

i dont want it to be innovative i just want it to go back to cod4 mw they could just concentrate on bigger and better maps and get rid of all this new killstreak crap and perks rubbish there all doing now i have fond memories of cod4 that none of the others have even come close to, its depressing they just need to bring it back to the classic game it was not add a whole bunch of new crap that takes away from the fun of it all. imo

RBLAZE19882765d ago

you shouldn't even be considering buying it. I won't stand to be burned by a company that many times.

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DarkTower8052765d ago

Every installment lasts less and less. MW lasted over a year, WaW about 6 months, MW2 about 4 months, and BO only 1.5 months. Every other franchise is stepping up their games, COD needs to as well. Until they do, all future COD games will be rentals for me.

DanSolo2765d ago

Yeah I totally agree mate!

COD4 was a good game and I enjoyed it alot. But the games since have only been ok.
It's just a shame more people don't pass on COD and pick up some of the other great FPS's as that would be incentive for COD to up it's game and produce more worthy sequels and of course show that innovation leads to muchos dinero!

xAlmostPro2765d ago

Cod4 actually is still going well and has a huge following.

However i agree.

Mw2 could have been amazing if they never took the whole noob friendly route. Seriously what were they thinking?..

Killstreaks that stacked, tactical insertions in free for all, commando giving you increased melee as if knifes are dangerous enough in close quarters, tactical nukes, unlimited grenade launchers, deathstreaks, making practically every single gun kill in 3 bullets lol..

They took a hardcore game to the casual market, that's where it went wrong.

Credit to treyarch for actually trying to take it back, however your terrible developers and messed it up on the performance side of things.

Sarcasm2765d ago

I think people should just gamefly the game for a couple weeks and then move along to other games.

damnyouretall2765d ago

are some of you really excited about this game? annual games suck ass,,, madden, cod ,,,whatever. what develpoer is making this one? who's to say their first installment wont just be copying black ops and working closely with those jokers. disagree all you want cause yall are just mindless cod drones.

Gawdl3y2765d ago (Edited 2765d ago )

I agreed with you up until you called Treyarch horrible developers. I agree that the game is messed up performance wise, but that doesn't mean they're terrible developers overall. Besides, the biggest problem of why Infinity Ward and Treyarch and any other developers don't make as good games is because they work under Activision. Activision forces ridiculous release times on them, doesn't allow them to support their community well (free map packs/more maps, etc.), and just generally holds developers back.

Also, I like how Treyarch tried to step away a bit from the extreme noob-friendliness that existed in MW2 by removing stopping power, increasing player health, removing deathstreaks, making killstreaks non-stacking, and not having super-OP killstreak rewards. However, Black Ops still didn't have the longevity that COD4 did, but that's mostly because COD is just getting stale in general.

I believe that if Activision wasn't the publisher, Call of Duty could potentially introduce innovations. But nope, Activision screws it over.

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arjman2765d ago

I hope CoD dies in a fiery pit of despair...seriously if it wasn't for CoD we'd have a lot more innovation in games development.

FunkMcnasty2765d ago

arjman, You are SO right, however I agree AND disagree: Since the popularity of the COD franchise, the market has been absolutely flooded with military FPS games, where had it not been for COD (arguably COD4, mainly), developers would likely be pursuing different avenues of game styles and genres, rather than blindly churning out (mostly) generic FPS's. I mean, we probably could've gone without half-baked games like Dick Marcinko's Rougue Warrior and The new Medal of Honor...

BUT, if you are a fan of the FPS genre, think of some of the better and/or more innovative titles that came out in the whole FPS trend that stood above the rest.. I'm thinking and BFBC2, Farcry 2, Borderlands, Bioshock... quality FPS games that offer more than just saving the world from a nuclear attack by the Soviets.

HacSawJimThugin2765d ago

I'm over all of these bullshit FPS. Fuck COD as a staff, developer, and a crew!! Halo can kiss my ass too...I'm on that next shit...BulletStorm stand up!!

Joni-Ice2765d ago

We have been playing MW already. Its going to be the same game year after year.

HacSawJimThugin2765d ago

It's the Madden of FPS!! If people continue to support this bullshit then it will end up just like Madden...history always repeats itself and we all have the privilege of watching this dynasty fall!! Off with your head COD!!

Chnswdchldrn2765d ago

You people are the reason they get away with this shit. be ashamed of yourselves

NukaCola2765d ago

you should support your exclusives and better multiplats than this. it comes out in Nov the same time as Mass 3, Battlefield 3, and Skryim.

Gamer_Z2765d ago

This game is going to be hilarious compared to Battlefield 3 but no matter how good Battlefield 3 turns out the masses of sheep will still buy this crap game knowing full well it’s a rip off, well ladies you might as well give Acti/Bobby Kotick your 60 bucks right now because you know you are going to buy it. As for me I will be enjoying Battlefield ;) have fun noob tubing each other.

MRMagoo1232765d ago

I may buy both what about that ............. its not that hard to get some money together and try them both and go with what you prefer, the problem is if you dont try it you may miss out ...what if the next one goes oldschool again and its just like COD4 the way it should be but with new maps and none of those stupid killstreaks and perks they added? ide prefer to try it and see if it is then if its shit like the last ones ill trade it in for the full price no money lost.

Gamer_Z2765d ago (Edited 2765d ago )


I do want to try it as I’m a big fan of COD4 but BO and MW2 has really left bad taste in my mouth I don’t think they can come back from those two disaster’s, Not to mention the creators of COD4 Infinity ward no longer exist. Plus considering Activision hasn’t made a proper COD since COD4 and the way they milk this franchise they just don’t put quality into their work anymore because they know all they have to do is slap COD on the cover and it will sell BO has proven that. After all that crap I still want to try it but it’s in no way a buy for me this game would have to blow my mind for me to buy it. I mean new engine, new graphics, new perk system (I hated BO’s system) and good mp level design not to mention better hit detect Bo’s was just sloppy coding but yes then I would buy it.

CrimsonAng3l2765d ago (Edited 2765d ago )

"No matter how good Battlefield 3 turns out the masses of sheep will still buy this crap game knowing full well it’s a rip off,"

"If it ain't broke don't fix it." Thats pretty much what activision is doing even though they bloody well know that they are ripping a lot of people off, like you said before as long as they got people buying the game they probably won't bother fixing it.

P.S I posted on the wrong comment.

04soldier2765d ago

You're absolutely correct.

I had a co-worker at work just tell how excited for the "NEW COD"

I said, "Hey!?! ... Black Ops just game out in [email protected][email protected]"

He then replied, "Yea buts it gonna be better than BO, you gonna get it.."

I said, "nope, I'm done with COD ever since I got burned by MW2...Good luck with COD 5 or whatever."

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Lord_Doggington2765d ago

Looking forward to it. Anything is better then Boring Ops.

Drazz2765d ago


SKUD2765d ago

Here comes some more of the same old thing.

princejb1342765d ago

ill wait a month before buying
even dou call of duty aint the best game out there, it is addicting, i made a mistake by buying black ops right away
it wont happen with mw3

Jaces2765d ago

Hope I can find this in the bargain bin not long after it's released. :)

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LumpsRGood2765d ago

I am interested, but only to see how they answer the Battlefield and Homefront attacks.

Cajun Chicken2765d ago (Edited 2765d ago )

Oddly enough with all the hate of Activision, the whole Infinity Ward debacle and CoD getting old. I'm still pretty excited to find out what's next for Soap and Price after the events of the last game.

As for the multiplayer. FFS. People stop buying CoD for that alone, you have no excuse to complain about the quality of the game if you specifically go out and buy it for a multiplayer session game which has had less improvement and more regular rehashes than the UT series.

Single player important. Non changing MP not.

r1sh122765d ago (Edited 2765d ago )

@cajun chicken..
Yea I know what you mean..
I pretty much buy games for multiplayer, I rarely buy a game for its single player unless its epic like assassins creed or uncharted etc...
I bought MW2 for MP - Then thought it was sh*t after a couple of months.
I bought Black ops for MP - which is better, has less bugs and less balancing issues but its boring.
Not fun at all.
I doubt Ill buy the next COD, Killzone next week (just got bulletstorm so Im not in a rush for KZ3), gears soon maybe homefront and battlefield
Im set for all shooters.
No need for COD any more - it might be interesting to see the trailers etc..
Activision are gonna run COD into the ground like they have with everything else so Im out on a relatively good memory of the COD games.

DarkSpawnClone2765d ago (Edited 2765d ago )

my biggest problem is that cod is out every year,you buy the game and then a year later your on to the next one it's a waste of money,im going to admit that i probably will get MW3 but it pisses me off that theres a new cod every single year..but theres a slim chance i will skip MW3 because there BF3 on the way as well as many games i want to play,if MW3 has Split screen i might get it,i wasn't going to get black ops until i learned it had it not many games do,until black ops the only split screen game i had was warhawk but now im really not sure if im geting it now with BF3 which sounds amazing!! i want huge changes to cod but will it happen ? probably not.

Barajas_2012765d ago

totally agree with you, i like the single player more then multiplayer, multiplayer for me is just an extra and something to play with friends

Livin_in_a_box2765d ago

Because a 5 hour campaign is worth the £35 alone, isn't it?

Sure, those who play it on veteran might push the campaign up to 10 hours or a but more but that is a push. It's not worth the money if you buy CoD just for the SP alone.

Call_me_Ishmael2765d ago (Edited 2765d ago )

I hope they did something new and not just the same guns and gameplay with new skins.

plb2765d ago

Don't worry they won't.

2765d ago
cleanhealthy122765d ago

why would you want different gameplay? all cods play the same kid, somoe are just shittier than others (bo with terrible hit detection)

tdogchristy902765d ago

@ Cajun

I feel the same way. With all the crap with activision and infinity ward, I've come to hate COD. did not pick up black ops. Still from a story stand point I am curious as to how the story will play out. They talked about "the war ends" do you think this could be the end of this particular story?

Cajun Chicken2765d ago

Well it looks as if the missions Soap and Price will be carrying out will be most possibly illegal not done under any government supervision after the last game. I quite like the idea of that. Perhaps they'll be more like an anti-terrorist A-Team. They're men on the run now and wanted by several governments.