Strategy Informer: Orcs Must Die! Hands-On Preview

Strategy Informer got to play Orcs Must Die! at Robot Entertainment's headquarters in Dallas last week, and give their impressions of this impressive third person shooter tower defense game.

Excerpt: "The gameplay is fun and addictive. You are given a piece of cash to spend on setting up unique traps along a pathway. Traps include spikes jutting from the ground, a ceiling wrecking ball that swings back and forth, tar pits, and so forth. You can also summon allies like elven archers who will fire arrows automatically at passing enemies. The game is completely physics based, so a trap that catapults enemies can be arranged so that the orcs can be flung onto other traps, or into molten lava should the opportunity present itself. There are also one-shot environmental traps as well, such as chandeliers that can be shot down to topple onto unsuspecting enemies, or a giant spiked log that will roll down stairs, killing all in its path."

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