Turning A Dead Xbox Into A PS3 Controller

Aussie game nut Morris has taken a dead Xbox 360 and made something genuinely useful out of it: an arcade stick. For the PlayStation 3.

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kaozgamer2770d ago

maybe people can put those rrod xbox into some use?

FlameBaitGod2769d ago

Ah another great use for them.

midgard2272769d ago

meh they make gr8 coasters and target practice too. also amazing for collecting dust. but for ones that work PLAY GAMES DUUUH!

watch people think im trolling cuz i said the uses of a broken piece of hardware :/

Oner2769d ago (Edited 2769d ago )

I did the same thing a while back with an old PS2 I had lying around ~

Quagmire2769d ago

Xbox's want to be PS3's so bad, they'll kill themselves just to do it.

awiseman2770d ago (Edited 2770d ago )

Not only is this impractical and useless. This is serious flaimbait.

douchedebater2769d ago

I agree, if this article was about making a 360 controller from a PS3 it would be N4G Blasphamy. What a bunch of useless imature hypocrits.

This shit should never gotten approved.

FlameBaitGod2769d ago

Ok, let me get this straight..... You would rather have a dead 360 laying around rather then put it to use ?

Blad3star2769d ago (Edited 2769d ago )

@ Flamebaitgod - No need for that.

NiKK_4192769d ago

how is it flamebait? he made on for 360 and now he made one for ps3, who the hell cares? if anything's flamebait it's you for starting it

SuicideShaun2768d ago

Coming from one of the biggest trolls I've seen on here...

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douchedebater2769d ago (Edited 2769d ago )

No, not mad. Just stating the facts. could you "HONESTLY with a good conscienous" disagree with me? NO YOU COULDN'T

pocketaces112769d ago

Seriously I've seen tones of crap pro xbox and pro ps3 give it up. This is plain funny... move on.

Karlnag32769d ago

Well I'd very much like to support someone in this argument, what with it being of astronomical importance. But sadly, I have no idea what a conscienous is... probably because it's not actually a word. Funny that. So, I guess I'm on the side of flamebaitgod here. If you were to have typed something that made sense, or instead opted to remove the "NO YOU COULDN'T" part, I might have sided with you.

I am aware of how upset this must make you, but I just can't take your side.

PS: how well does sarcasm translate into text? We shall soon see.

douchedebater2769d ago

@Karlnag3 - Okay sorry I mis-spelled Conscious, you're either another dumbass troll or a MORON.

You're siding with your other account, because that's what most trolls on N4G does. Either way, if you didn't understand what was being said then you're too stupid to even talk to.

Have a nice day CLOWN!

Karlnag32769d ago

Actually, I think you mis-spelled conscience... twice.

I gladly return the titles of "dumbass troll" "MORON" and "CLOWN" to you. You must feel proud. :)

360FTW22769d ago (Edited 2769d ago )

@Karlnag3, I'll have to agree with Douchedebater you are being an ASSHOLE. No one likes a smartass!

People mis-spell things on this site all the time, it a damn video game website not an english seminar. There is always some mr know-it-all dickhead talking shit and being a jerkoff.

Self righteous asses like you piss me off. Go play a damn game or something, seriously people like you make me sick.

What a dick! And I agree you are being a douchebag!

@Douchedebater, I don't even know why you responded to this MORON.

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ian722769d ago

Good bit of recycling. Even broke things can come in useful.

elmaton982769d ago

Yeah what's garbage for some is gold for others.

Rhezin2769d ago

oh yeah flamebait alright, with all the 4 people that are posting. Very cool mod, pretty badass.

LightofDarkness2769d ago (Edited 2769d ago )

Cool, if I didn't already have a Hori Stick this'd be a fun pet project. Maybe I could get two of them and create a recycled console arcade unit. Unnhhhh.... nerdgasm :p

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