After raid, hacker releases 'bible' for PS3 reverse engineering

A Playstation 3 hacker says he has released information about reverse engineering hypervisor technology used in the PS3 after his home in Germany was raided earlier this week, reportedly at Sony's request.

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yewles12768d ago

Isn't that the same one that "threatened" Sony he'd release the HV knowledge?

thereapersson2767d ago

It looks as though Sony is the one who IRL hacked this guy.

Sony: "I'm in ur base, raidin' ur shit"

MWong2767d ago

I still think it's funny how he threatened Sony and just weeks later he gets the knock on his door. I guess he said I am already screwed why not release what I have.

rockleex2767d ago

Sony is hunting these hackers down like its an FPS!


ABizzel12767d ago

Here's a PM to me from n4g member Andrew Ryan

"You're pathetic. Judging people on their lifestyles? You are a pathetic person. Just because someone enjoys kernel hacking and does not have much friends does not mean that you should insult him. Everyone has something they enjoy doing, even if it is illegal, that person does not deserve to be made fun of."

Obviously he's upset, because he's just a sick as Graf. You have no room to act all rightious when you have,

"A man chooses, a slave obeys."

as your quote.

So let me dig into you, since you wanted to come for me and scratch the surface, let me dig you yo grave.

Andrew Ryan
"I have respect for Hotz. He allowed me to jailbreak my iPhone and for that I thank him. Most people would agree, but since he helped hack the PS3 for good, they will disagree and be raging fanboys."

Obviously you're a broke, poor, no good thief as well. Hopefully you do hack your PS3 (if you can afford one) and Sony catches you and lock you up along with the rest of them.

Andrew Ryan
"No the firmware does not belong to you. But what's illegal about making custom firmware (your own or using someone else's) and getting rid of the old? Explain that to me. #1.3.2"

As I said he's definitely one of the ones we should be watching out for, I know Ken Felton from SCEA Music division so maybe I should pass his name along to them, and help Sony wait on him as well.

Andrew Ryan
"We PC gamers are a smart breed. If a developer takes their time with a game and creates an amazing experience, then we will buy the game. However, if a developer tries to milk his game for fast cash we will pirate it easily."

You're not smart, you're a thief like I said. You can't afford to buy the games you want, because you're a broke grown man, still living in your mom's basement, and have no idea what a life is. What would be smart is if you got up, and got a job, so you can afford to have a decent life, but like I said you're not smart, and you're probably mentally challenged and need to seek a therapist to help you with that.

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ugo2768d ago

hack news is getting boring

WhiteNoise2767d ago

But the QQ as a result never gets old.

Megaton2767d ago

Sony Gestapo, raiding your homes for hacks.

JD_Shadow2767d ago

I completely read the headline wrong. Thought it said hacker releases a bible for your PS3.

That's what happens with no sleep at 5:30AM.

rockleex2767d ago (Edited 2767d ago )

So that's why hackers wanted to hack the PS3 all along!

For religious purposes! XD

I hope Geohotz uses that excuse in court.

jc485732767d ago

i guess sony got really fed up with hackers over the years. sony is having too much fun hunting these guys.

Moerdigan2766d ago

I'm sure it is a fun career to have a sony position as hunting hackers.

jc485732766d ago

maybe it's a Japanese thing.

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