Geek Preview: Hands on with Duke Nukem Forever

Geek: 'I’ve finally played Duke Nukem Forever.

And when I write “finally” that’s no understatement. I, like many other gamers, was a big fan of Duke Nukem 3D (as well as Duke Nukem back from the Apogee days) so this game has been a long time coming. I truly gave up hope for Forever after reading Wired’s excellent piece back in December 2009. Well, Randy Pitchford and company had different plans and now Duke Nukem Forever will actually ship on May 3, 2011.

I got to play about an hour of the game, from a full (but not final) version. The test run started off with the PAX demo from last year but included a few more levels and a deeper look at the trouble Duke would be getting himself into (or getting the world out of, depending on your perspective).'

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