VideogameUK: We NEARLY Had The Same Game Of The Year Twice!

Billy Withers writes:

"I LOVE Mass Effect 2, plain and simple. It was my favourite game of last year and I couldn’t see past the beautiful package of gameplay, storytelling and graphics that it brought to my senses. I’m not the only person that thought that, as it did get quite a few awards of the GOTY variety. Bearing in mind though that this was for the Xbox 360, it got me thinking about whether or not we could have had the same game win an award like that 2 years in succession. I mean it has come out on the Playstation 3 now, with that rather too obvious exclusivity deal time frame hanging about too much, so why not? "

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ian722733d ago

I would have got Mass Effect 2 for PS3 today if Killzone 3 hadn't been released. Will have to wait while next week now. Its only £24 at Tesco where I live and that seems like a bargain to me.

GezForce2733d ago

every ps3 owner owes it to themselves to experience this game... get it you wont regret it. bring on mass effect3 :)

Kalowest2733d ago

ME1 is better than ME2, but its still a great game.