Killzone 3′s Trump Card..Multiplayer

The community has now populated the online servers for Killzone 3, and with the game's release the full power of the game's competitive multiplayer suite is now showcasing it's capabilities and potential for longevity. What you're gonna find when you fire up Killzone 3's multiplayer component is a completely engaging and addicting multiplayer experience. One that is not easily duplicated either on the PS3 or other consoles.

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BobbyMcCOOL2732d ago

I'm having a good time playing it. Best multiplayer I've played in years.

Philoctetes2732d ago

It's very good, but it's less tactical than KZ2. Since they removed the "spawn on your squad leader" feature, there's no reason for anybody to squad up, and it seems to play more like a group of 12 individuals than a team.

I liked Bad Company 2 more, but KZ3 is still solid.

BobbyMcCOOL2732d ago

KZ3 offers more than Battlefield to me, both are good games.

DoomeDx2731d ago

You cant respawn on your squad because of the super short repawn time.

it doesnt work well to respawn on your squad leader with only 5 seconds.

Three_Sisters2731d ago


I disagree with you, for me Battlefield is still a more tactical multiplayer game...

DigitalRaptor2732d ago

Can't wait to hit the full multiplayer and get on the Retro Map pack. Looks outstanding and it's getting really good reception!

Mr Tretton2732d ago

Kaznan Jungle and Blood Gracht make my eyes cum!

crapfreakdad2732d ago

Suggest you should seek a Doctors advice about that asap!

KZ3, only played for 40 minutes very late last night. Big problems connecting, to be expected so close to release date i suppose. Graphics amazing, sort of miss the 'heaviness' of weapons of KZ2 which surprises me. The whole MP menu is extremely disappointing. Hey nothings perfect.

clearelite2731d ago (Edited 2731d ago )

Sounds like you have more bad things to say than good things. That can be a really bad habit when there a lot more good things anyway.

KZ3 is the best online multiplayer experience I've had on a console. Except maybe Bad Company 2, but you can't play that with the Move. If you don't think KZ3 is tactical, try it in warzone or operations. If you really want to pwn, some tactics will be VERY handy. Even in guerilla warfare, if you want to be the best, you should learn the maps and figure out a good strategy.

Bits-N-Kibbles2731d ago

I pre-ordered from Best Buy and they shipped it to the billing address instead of the one I wanted, and it just arrived today at that address... FML. I'll catch up over spring break.

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