FTG Review: Killzone 3

Killzone, one of Sony’s flagship titles, has returned for a third outing on the planet of Helghan, this time with Move and 3D support. But the question that everyone is asking is “Is the game an ISA hero or a Helghan zero”?

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Fir3truck2727d ago

Yet anothe reason I need a PS3.

TheStonedSheep2727d ago

Truer words were never spoken.

KRATOS-PS32727d ago

I'm in chapter 5 and I'm shocked how good the game looks.

maxcavsm2727d ago

Once I finish Bulletstorm, this is next. Sounds amazing.

Myst2727d ago

Still looking at my copy of KZ2 all alone on the shelf. I need KZ3 to sit right beside it.

nnotdead2727d ago

the only problems i found with the sp was the ISA story being underwhelming and it was too easy. finished on hard and only a couple of spots gave me any trouble. now going through on elite, and it too is not giving me much of a challenge so far. the last 30 minutes where also a let down but don't want to spoil. other than that the sp is great. well paced, filled with great set pieces. the Helghast story was interesting and well voiced.

have yet to get into mp, but i enjoyed the demo. im sure i'll enjoy it once i get into it. i just wounder if it will be my mp choice for the year. i usually only have one mp game i put much time into every year.

if you are a KZ or FPS fan, i think KZ3 is well worth a play.

achira2727d ago

sorry but it is not easy. on veteran its really not easy. and i am used to fps. elite is even more difficult.

btw i think the story is interesting und the cutscenes are really looking nice (like the phenominal in-game graphics).

i love this game.

nnotdead2726d ago

sorry back at you but it is easy. i ran through my first play through on hard(veteran?) and only a few parts gave any trouble. now i'm running through it on elite and its not that much harder. i remember KZ2 being a lot harder than 3 is. i can't see anyone who is well versed with fps being that challenged with it.

JATOSIN2727d ago

Love this game, I was a die hard Call of Duty and 360 fan. So glad I decided to get a PS3 in time to get this game and I haven't even thought about COD this week. I have not had much time in the SP due to trying to finish Bulletstorm but have about 4 hours in MP.

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