Cozy Fire: The Apex of Casual Gaming?

Steve Haske writes, "The Wii’s long-held stance as a bastion of casual gaming hasn’t really ever been in question from launch onward. It was a point that Nintendo themselves had made well before the system’s debut in 2006, with Nintendo President Satoru Iwata saying, “Our goal is to increase the number of game players in every household. We want to create reasons for different members of the family to turn on the Wii every day”—an easy strategy to see given the system’s comparatively underpowered hardware specs versus the PS3 and Xbox 360. Hell, Nintendo’s ad campaigns have gone out of their way to highlight accessibility, showing teens, adults and old folks alike enjoying the then-revolutionary virtues of the world’s first motion-controlled game console (and even adding celebrities into the mix after a little time had passed)."

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