Bulletstorm Review ( - ITA)

Very long and detailed Bulletstorm review from italian site

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Kon2762d ago

I finished the game today. Pretty good experience. Now im trying to finish it on Very Hard. Recommended!

despair2762d ago

I'm already gearing up for my Very Hard run through, haven't beaten it yet but I'm sensing I'm close to the end and loving every second.

Inside_out2762d ago (Edited 2762d ago )

This game has been a great surprise for me. When I saw the live demo at E3 I thought it looked amazing...then I played the demo and it was very average at best and now having completed it, it was fantastic. Found myself laughing at Grayson and his sarcastic humor. Big fan of his now and can't wait for the next installment. Haven't played it on hard yet but I died quite a bit as to slide into all the action head first and see what happens. It's rambo time...all the time.

BTW...the variety of game play in this game is really unmatched in fps right now. They paced the game really well with different enemies and AI types showing up as you unlock weapons. I barely used the leash and found myself double taping the A button Fantastic weapons and the sniper slo-mo never gets old...I used that gun every chance I could. Flailgun was my bread and butter tho.

I think Bulletstorm will change the fps shooting genre in a good way. I just finished KZ 3 today in one LONG sitting...they needed some Bulletstorm creativity desperately in that game.

despair2762d ago

I wouldn't say that KZ3 needs Bulletstorm in it, Killzone 3 is a masterpiece of technical and gameplay achievement but it is also completely different from Bulletstorm and thats a good thing.

I don't want all my FPS games to be blended together and some things work well in certain games but will ruin others. I don't see how comparing the two is even logical, both have merits and offer a completely different experience and thats a good thing.

Oh and I find myself using the leash alot nothing beats pulling in an enemy and kick/shooting them into different environmental features, very satisfying.

warrior99882762d ago

im getting it when its cheaper aint worth full price 4 hrs story plus no replay value that co-cp thing looks ok

despair2762d ago

its not 4 hours that I can tell you, I've been playing over 6 hours and still haven't completed it and that's on normal with 1 or 2 deaths because of stupidity. Don't listen to those who charge through skipping cutscenes and rushing gameplay.

You are right on replayability but even so its a fun experience thats good to come back to after a little while. The game is fun and if you think so as well then its worth the purchase, but I can see the hit or miss with people on how much they would like it.

warrior99882762d ago

your right but il buy it later in this year

Sarcasm2762d ago

I rented it, and it's much longer than 4 hours. Although I agree, I wouldn't buy it. It's getting a bit repetitive already. Kick, shoot in head, Kick shoot in head. Though of course I know you're supposed to try and be creative with kills, but IMO there's really no real rewards. I've been doing the same basic kills over and over and have more than enough points for upgrades. That and the game isn't as Crazy or Over the top as they made it out to be, it's pretty tame in comparison to something like vanquish which is supremely over the top (in a good way.)