Sesame Street for Kinect is ridiculously adorable

Destructoid: "I've been extremely excited for Double Fine's Sesame Street: Once Upon a Monster for the Xbox 360 Kinect since the second it was announced. Not sure why and it's kind of weird since I didn't grow up on Sesame Street. It's more of a recent development and it may be my subconscious trying to balance out all the violent games I play regularly. That and I really miss The Muppets."

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Pozzle2769d ago

It's weird seeing the bottom of the Sesame Street monsters. I had no idea that's what Cookie Monster's torso and feet looked like. :O

starcb262768d ago

This game is HARD CORE!!!

HolyOrangeCows2768d ago

.....Double Fine?!
What the - seriously?

That is friggin' adorable.

pbyron2769d ago

Double Fine + Sesame Street must equal a win, surely? I know I've got kids, but even if I didn't I'd still be tempted to pick this up!

awiseman2768d ago

How do you aim down the sight? Why doeas teh grenade button no work?

IQUITN4G2768d ago (Edited 2768d ago )

Yes this is sure to do very well for ms kinect.Without trying to sound all kiddie fanboy like, this is just the sort of experience you can't have really on Move or Wii - the lack of controller for a game like this is where the magic is and even more so with kids.Using a controller just wouldn't cut it if you were to ask any kids at that point

Biggest2768d ago

The Move totally doesn't have a camera, right?

B1663r2768d ago

Not one that anyone, including Sony, is able to get depth data out of, and do real time lag free mo-cap with. Nope, Move certainly does not have a camera like that.

eggbert2768d ago


Actually, Kung Fu Live puts most Kinect titles to shame with its motion tracking. It doesn't track depth, merely 2d though, but its very good at tracking your whole body unless you have other people in the background.

Biggest2768d ago

Are you suggesting that Sesame Street will be the most technically advanced Kinect game to date? I love me some Sesame Street, but nothing about it screams technical marvel. I am 100% sure that everything that makes Kinect more advanced than the PSEye will NOT be used with this Sesame Street game. The PSEye will be able to run this game the exact way Kinect will.

B1663r2768d ago (Edited 2768d ago )


STFU, you have no clue what you are talking about.

Thankyou for providing the perfect example of why eyetoy is an abysmal failure and why Kinect is awsome.

With the combo breaker that PS3 fanboys continue to be clueless tools.

Edit: Biggest Troll

I bet this game uses voice capture, and Kinects skeletal tracking system to much greater effect than anything we have seen on eyetoy...

AND I PROMISE YOU, it will use 3d elements.

LOL retards

BISHOP-BRASIL2768d ago (Edited 2768d ago )


Kinect doesn't do that too... Unless you have a game to prove it.

Only advantage Kinect does have over other track cameras (EyeToy, Eye, Ubisoft's Wii tracking camera for the original Your Fitness) is the "Depth sensor" (just using 2 2d cameras to have a 3D effect and better guess how far something is), but even that has yet to show it's worth.

For example, one of the disadvantages of a camera tracking system without markers - light or dark pre recognized objects like in real mocap or in the Move with the ball thing - is that the computer have problems to determinate size solely based on camera info. Kinect has a 3D depth which should solve the problem but Your Fitness still can't take how tall or small you really are right.

Other common problem to using it as a imput device for games is that a human body have to recognizeable object by the software, for that the player must be in a certain position (usually standing unless the game don't track nothing beyond head and arms), you can't have clother or other accessories that distort human body recognizeable format, you need the right lightning, room and clothes colours to get maximum efficiency. All this problem Kinect still have like any other camera without "3D depth".

And Kinect isn't the first or the last camera controller to project a virtual skeleton on the captured image, ALL camera controller does this, that's how they know what you are moving, considering joint angles and "bones" lengh, direction, etc... How did you think that worked with EyeToy? Magical powder and tapping heels together?

You know what hardware is required to recognize voice commands? A microphone. The rest is all about software. So no, it's not a Kinect feature, sorry. Both EyeToy and Eye have a microphone too... Even Nintendo DSes have microphones.

And even if it uses 3D elements, EyeToy had been showing 3D tracking from back in 2001. It may not be as accurate as Kinect, but even that old camera was capable of capturing some movements in depth dimension. And if this game comes to other system, more specifically the PS3, there is absolutely no logic in using just the Eye. Using Move don't automatically makes the camera incapable of tracking anything else or to keep the microphone active. Chances would be a PS3 version would use Eye and Move features as needed.

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Theyellowflash302768d ago

Im interested in just seeing what variety this game can dish out. It seems like it has a lot of different gameplay styles. This will probably be a must own for children and fun for parents to play along with there kids.

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