I thought PC gaming was dead?

Some gamers and journalist will have you to believe that PC gaming is a thing of the past and is no longer relevant. They would also have you to believe that you have to update your rig on a yearly basis just to keep up with the trend, or that you have to pay prices that would break your pockets to have a decent rig. Some would also have you believe that there are no games worth playing on the PC,and its not worth the time or the hassle. Well I’m here to tell you this is clearly not the case and if you are a PC gamer or are interested in getting in to PC gaming then this is going to be an informative read for you.

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NYC_Gamer2768d ago (Edited 2768d ago )

PC&PS3=ultimate gaming set up.because u'll never miss out on anything exclusive wise.

RedDead2768d ago (Edited 2768d ago )

Except gears, Forza and Halo, but 2 francise is hardly a reason to own a console. PS3 and PC s right, I would sell my 360 if Gamestop would give me so little for it(12 fu**ing euro)

Edit---mine is 20Gb, but it's been replaced twice and this one has been fixed by MS, all for free of course but still. Mine's basically an Elite with a 20gb hardrive

NYC_Gamer2768d ago

i have the old 20gb 360 unit myself

cakeisalie2768d ago (Edited 2768d ago )

PC is the ultimate gaming platform. Anyone not having a gaming PC is seriously missing out. To begin with it doesnt take much to have a gaming PC for most folks anyways. Most people are 150-200usd away from transforming their standard home PC to a gaming PC all it needs is a GPU.

PC provides the best possible gaming experience for 90% of the games releasing on the market today IE all the multiplats. Then it does FPS, RTS and MMO better then any console can. Not only does PC beat the console counter parts in terms of graphics, the modding scene alone can completely change games.

Games on PC can be dirt cheap. Which in the long run makes PC the cheapest gaming platform out there.

Lastly when it comes to backward compatibility, nothing comes close to the PC. You could be playing old Dos games (emulation) to current windows games, PC has the biggest library of games of any platform. Further more you could even play old console and arcade games, asides the PS3 and 360 there isnt a console out there that PC cant emulate, evey game ever released on console is playable along with the arcade.

Ranshak2768d ago

While consoles are good, i am moving to PC as my platform of choice. Because with console it feels as if i dont have full control of what i paid for. I am not allowed to mod games even though its a proven consoles can handle mods, however the console maker doesnt allow it for whatever unknown reason.

Secondly i do feel BC is a big issue, my Fat PS3 died few months ago, i replaced it with a slim PS3 however now i am unable to play any of my PS2 games :( yea i could run out buy a PS2 but that just means maintaining so many boxes, instead i tried emulation on PC for the PS2 runs great for most of the games i have.

nnotdead2768d ago

i too am a PC + PS3 gamer. though the 360 and Wii offer some games i would like to play; to be honest i don't really have the time or money to play all that the PC and PS3 have to offer.

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ATiElite2768d ago

First off you got ripped off buying a PC from "iBuyPower" don't ever do that.
buy your parts and build it yourself and if your not PC savvy don't worry cause EVERYONE has a friend that knows how to build a PC. You will appreciate the craft more when you build it yourself plus make some mods to personalize it to look different from everyone else's.

second PC gaming is different from consoles. sure PC has many console ports but the core PC only titles are the ones that drew me to PC gaming because of the realism, graphics, and more challenging game play plus I love the fact that I have TOTAL control over my games and then the mods turns will turn a game into a whole new experience.

I'm not here to say PC Gaming is better than consoles because that a matter of opinion but i will say PC gaming is a different experience than console and that's a Fact! Enjoy!!

tordavis2768d ago

except Gears Of War 2 & 3, Lost Odyssey, Project Sylpheed, Alan Wake, Forza, Halo REACH, Dead Or Alive 4...etc.

The ULTIMATE game setup is PC/PS3/360/Wii. That's how you never miss any exclusives.

FullEffectGaming2768d ago

That is the combo I have and I don't think I could see my self with out any one of em. I enjoy all for what they bring to the table.

B1663r2768d ago

I think it is a matter of pc gamers play games with a different pattern than console gamers... For example, they might buy Wow or Eve and only play that game for a couple of years...

FullEffectGaming2768d ago

I see what your saying, but I also think people look over it as a means of gaming. They either think its going to take too much to game on, or consoles are the end all be all to gaming. But Steam has me hooked like crack!

B1663r2768d ago

I was really hooked on the Steam indy games and game sales,, then about a year ago the xbox arcade store really caught my fancy.

now that unity and unreal are both free for low gross games, I expect I will feel differently about a year from now when those indy games start showing up on the pc again.

WhiteNoise2768d ago

I think it's an amazing feat that the corpse of PC gaming looks so much better than that of the living ( console gaming ).

Saryk2768d ago

Most adults don’t have the time to play all the games for every platform. I don’t have time to play the ones for PC. I owned a 360 and a PS3, both never got played, because I liked PC better. It is not that the PC is better gaming platform for everyone, it is because I prefer it. Arguing steak is better than shrimp is a un-winnable argument, it depends on the person’s budget and taste.

FullEffectGaming2768d ago

your right to each his own! you can't lose as long as you enjoy what you are playing. If you can only afford one or only have time for one then you have to pick the right one for you based on your preference.

nnotdead2768d ago

while i agree with both of you, this is the internet, so lets not be too civil for long. ;)

FantasyStar2768d ago

Actually...if I wanted to be technical. I can draw a argument by stating that spending more money on a platform = more hardcore. We can get into the whole casual vs. hardcore argument based between shrimp vs. steak. Or PC vs consoles. I still agree with your post, but I wanted to add an addendum.

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