Nintendo 3DS commercial doubles down on douchiness

Remember those incredibly douchey 3DS lifestyle shots that we at Destructoid posted a while ago? Well, Nintendo has followed up that spot of douchiness with some turbo-douchiness, definitively doubling your douche divisions.

Watch the video and try to pick which one you'd like to slap the hardest. I've also named them for your convenience -- Nostrils O' Hoolihan, Quinzel Spinstress, Ryu Hazuki, Fergus Gingerdick, Mr. Hat-Wearing Shitmuncher and Curly Fructose.

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PENGUINKK2768d ago

It's not great, but it's not the Play Beyond ad campaign.

Tuxedo_Mask2759d ago

There is nothing wrong with this commercial, but there is something wrong in insulting people you don't even know based on seeing them on a screen for less than one minute. All I saw was Nintendo trying to appeal to an age group that surprisingly bought the original DS and that they hope will now buy the 3DS.