GameFly Sucks and Just Isn't Ready to Deliver as Promised

"Ask any hobbyist and they’ll tell you that their favorite hobby takes up a lot of their money. Regardless of whether it’s pottery, remote-controlled cars or planes, or our hobby of choice gaming; our favorite pastime can eat up some cash. It’s the main reason companies like Blockbuster and the now defunct Hollywood Video became so big in the mid to late 90s with game rentals."

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charlescox42701d ago

One of the biggest rip-offs out there. Agreed!

vgn242701d ago

I agree they don't follow through as much as their ads say, but GameStop remains the biggest ripoff.

ColossiSlayer2701d ago

If you trade in games, GS rips you off. But if you take FULL advantage of their Buy 2 Used Games Get 1 Free you can save about $110 including tax in Pa.

Active Reload2700d ago

Whoever wrote this article is either exaggerating or just expecting too much. I'm not saying Gamefly is perfect, but what the first commentor posted, is utter bullsh*t nonsense. "One of the biggest rip-offs out there. Agreed!" Are you serious? Really? My experience with Gamefly for the past 3 years has been very pleasant. I've been annoyed on 2 or 3 occasions but thats it, out of 3 years. Most of my problems I had were at the beginning when I didn't know all that much about the service. And the biggest and probably the only problem was putting in my Game Que and expecting to get a highly anticipated game within a few days of the release date. If you want a game and it seems that everyone is excited for it, you better put it in your Que at least a month before release. Like I said, thats probably 1 of 2 problems I had, and that one occured the most because I was new to the service. I would assume Gamefly's system is similar to pre-ordering a game anywhere else, but to a lesser extent. They probably can see what games are getting the most reserves on people's ques and just buy half of that number of that game. For a game like COD Gamefly probably trusts people's wanting of that game and so they buy a sh*tload to rent out to people. If a game hasn't built its following then I assume Gamefly only buys a percentage of the copies based on the number of ques its in and then just rents them out. Seriously, for a dedicated game rental service, Gamefly is the best one, in the US anyway.

NiKK_4192700d ago

idk i dont think it's bad, but then again, i'm still in my first month, but when i send games back i'll get em in like 4 days, not really bad i think, plus it gives me the chance to play games i want to try, but not sure if i would buy, plus the value is definitely there, because i don't play the same game over and over again, it only gets so much use and i don't feel $60 is really worth it to just play it and beat it and be done with it, but $22 for like 5 games with 2 at a time is definitely worth it, i can play the game, beat it and send it back and still keep my money, idk but i definitely see the value in it. i do realize, however, that they should improve their customer service and how they do their business, but still it's definitely good, plus i have a ps3 so i don't have to worry about getting scratched up games because of them being blu-ray
sorry lol, thought i'd add my 2 cents for anyone wanting another opinion

hassi942700d ago

@the article

I don't have Gamefly but shouldn't it be Queue?

Que doesn't mean anything unless you're spanish.

GunShotEddy2701d ago

I miss the days when every town had multiple rental stores. :(

hassi942700d ago

I know, we had 3 in our small town but all got shut down. Now if we want to rent something it has to be on a strict pay monthly basis. This isn't the 'renting' I remember :(

vgchica2701d ago

every service has problems. It's more about whether they're addressing them.

charlescox42701d ago

Pretty sure they've been around for a while now. Appears like they are "not" addressing their issues.

Ironically - love the fact there's a GameFly banner on the right as I read this.

will_c_752701d ago

Gamefly might not work as a rental service but it is great for used games. Around xmas I got 6 titles that released last year, for around $75, so $12.50 a title. The thing with Gamefly is, when you buy a used game from them it comes as if it is new. 3 of the titles were limited editions and all the codes still worked, so I didn't have to pay the online fee like you would if you bought from gamestop.

TheBrit2701d ago

i never have issues getting what i want but the delivery times are really iffy in regards to how long it takes them to receive them in.

One thing your missing about gamefly is the cost of new games. Right now, If a brand new game comes out tomorrow and ships to me, and I want it, it costs me 43 bucks instead of the 60 at the store because i have been a member over a year - that's a bargain and, that automatically frees up one of my slots in my queue.

To boot, every 3 months you get $5 gamefly dollars also to add to your purchase price.

I buy my games via gamefly or amazon, never go to game stop or BB any longer - just not beneficial.

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