Is 'Halo' really biggest launch ever? Maybe not

MarketWatch, Los Angeles: As gamers crowded into stores this week to snap up copies of "Halo 3," creator Microsoft Corp. was heard to say its much-ballyhooed Xbox game is the "biggest entertainment launch ever" in the United States.

Not so fast.

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reaperxciv3644d ago

LAIR is the biggest launch, if only ps3 owners would buy it.

3644d ago
The Snake3644d ago

Where were you when the Xbox was being held back by the PS2's inferior graphics? My guess is that you were playing your PS2 and not caring. Stop complaining and play your PS3 already.

FirstknighT3644d ago

Actually I thought Heavenly Sword was the biggest launch ever. I think it's close to 70k now! ;)

leon763644d ago

The higher you get, the higher you fall.......

eagle213644d ago

3,333,333 served at least.

gtgcoolkid3644d ago

Nice. Smiled at that one.

Shaka2K63644d ago

Nah we all know it aint, but its the biggest flop no doubt.

gEnKiE3644d ago

Thats funny, this article sums up what ive been trying to say about people comparing game sales with movie sales. With something costing $60 to $130, it doesnt take much to gain that much revenue.

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The story is too old to be commented.