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Submitted by ktchong 3057d ago | article

Is 'Halo' really biggest launch ever? Maybe not

MarketWatch, Los Angeles: As gamers crowded into stores this week to snap up copies of "Halo 3," creator Microsoft Corp. was heard to say its much-ballyhooed Xbox game is the "biggest entertainment launch ever" in the United States.

Not so fast. (Halo 3, Industry, Xbox 360)

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reaperxciv  +   3057d ago
are you kidding?
LAIR is the biggest launch, if only ps3 owners would buy it.
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The Snake  +   3056d ago
Where were you when the Xbox was being held back by the PS2's inferior graphics? My guess is that you were playing your PS2 and not caring. Stop complaining and play your PS3 already.
FirstknighT  +   3057d ago
Actually I thought Heavenly Sword was the biggest launch ever. I think it's close to 70k now! ;)
leon76  +   3057d ago
The higher you get, the higher you fall.......
eagle21  +   3057d ago
I thought it was the rrod?
3,333,333 served at least.
gtgcoolkid  +   3057d ago
Nice. Smiled at that one.
Shaka2K6  +   3057d ago
Is 'Halo' really biggest launch ever? Maybe not
Nah we all know it aint, but its the biggest flop no doubt.
gEnKiE  +   3057d ago
Thats funny, this article sums up what ive been trying to say about people comparing game sales with movie sales. With something costing $60 to $130, it doesnt take much to gain that much revenue.
The Great  +   3057d ago
Biggest launch? maybe yes
Maybe yes if it compare to other 360 games, Halo 3 is tooo much over and over and over hyped
Gamespot-equals-EGM  +   3057d ago
I know, really. Halo 3 soda? Give me a fvcking break.
KoolMan  +   3057d ago
Is bigger in terms of Hype
PS360PCROCKS  +   3057d ago
Story after story everyone will go out of their way to try to somehow downplay Halo. That's the problems that plague the entertainment industry. I.E. sequels to the Matrix, Spiderman, Fantastic Four, X-men, etc...People don't have expectations and are plesantly surprised, than they nitpick the sequels. It's sad and ridiculous. Halo is good leave it at that. Hell it's so good I can't put the game down for more than a 8 hour work shift or a few hours to do other tasks before I come back. I STILL haven't beaten campaign after about 18 hours on Heroic. Do I suck? Maybe...but it's still actually a very long game, atleast for me, lol.
MrTangent  +   3057d ago
Potter pwned Master Chief...
qawszaxs11  +   3056d ago
LOL !! I laughed so hard, funniest comment on N4G so far. Bubbles for you..
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SoulBrotha3292  +   3057d ago
Why do yall need to try everything to try 2 shoot down halo 3 its a freakin good game deal wit it
WilliamRLBaker  +   3057d ago
I love such articles its stupid to debate, No other game, book, movie is as big as halo 3, except starawars.

What stupidity, as for that its freaking harry potter, just being harry potter means it sux!
IRONMAN_X57  +   3057d ago
hahaha halo nerds
pwned HALO is overhyped BS
Rooftrellen  +   3056d ago
With all the hype Halo got, it would have been overhyped if it cured every disease known to man.
Bolts  +   3057d ago
Does it matter?
Halo 3 is the biggest game launch ever. If it racked up more money than the Potter book or a Hollywood blockbuster is completely trival. The fact remains, it is the biggest video game launch to date, and I doubt any game will come close to matching this number anytime soon.

And no, KZ2 and MGS 4 won't even touch this number. Sony would do extremely well if they can even match 50% of Halo's day one figures with both of those titles combined. So yeah, that pretty damn impressive.
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caffman  +   3057d ago
All I know is
that last night 76 people on my friends list were playing Halo 3. The other 23 were offline
LoydX-mas  +   3057d ago
These are so rediculous!
To compare a video game launch with a book or movie is so stupid.

First: There is only a MAXIMUM of 5-6 million potential Halo 3
customers in the U.S.

Second: Virtually EVERYONE is a potential book buyer or movie watcher

Third: Nearly 40% of all 360 owners bought Halo 3 on the first day!
I would like to see a book or movie try and pull 40% of he available audience in one day.
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The BS Police  +   3056d ago
I see it like this...
Microsoft has announced a conclusive number which is $170 while Scholastic says, we made alot of money, somewhere between $149 million and $290 million here... that does not cut it.

Regardless Halo 3 had the the largest launch for digital entertainment.
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goodganja  +   3056d ago
It still sucks. Halo is garbage.
JasonPC360PS3Wii  +   3056d ago
to bad so sad droids, well back to Halo 3.
BUKKAKALYPSE  +   3056d ago
wow ps3 supporters are really grasping at some thin straws now...what a trash story ..does any GAMER out there actually care about this?? NOT A CHANCE..ps3,x360 or wii owners just shut up and game already!
Relientk77  +   3056d ago
Harry Potter is a bigger series than Halo

now thats funny

(not to bash on HP ... great books and great movies)
Rooftrellen  +   3056d ago
I am 100% sure more people read books than play video games. Heck, more people read books than have TVs!

Any popular series of books is bigger than any popular video game series.
damnwrx  +   3056d ago
GAYLO 3 is a BIG
DISAPPOINTMENT....Midnight launch was a waste of time....I stood in line for .....what....WTF.
mandrake  +   3056d ago
This is a stupid article because it completely misses the economic significance of an important fact even after it goes to great lengths to point it out. Here it is: the video game industry makes more money from fewer customers or fewer units sold than the publishing or movie industry. This is important because, first, a more compact customer base requires less investment in marketing and distribution expenses to reach. In other words, it should cost less to sell 2 million games to 2 million consumers than to sell 12 million movie tickets to 12 million viewers or to sell 6 million books to 6 million readers, in order to generate the same amount of revenue. Second, and more importantly, a game publisher achieves a higher incremental revenue gain from each additional new customer than a book publisher or movie studio. For example, if each of those businesses spends the same amount of additional marketing money and attracts 1 new customer each, the game publisher grosses an additional $60.00, while the book publisher only grosses an additional $20.00, and the movie studio grosses only an additional $10.00. Also, remember that the higher-priced item earns more per unit, so the game publisher earns more net income from each game sold than the others earn on each book or movie ticket. Finally, if you view all this in light of the fact that the publishing and film industries over the past few years are experiencing stagnant growth due to their relative maturity while the gaming industry still has plenty of room to grow, then you'll understand why MS is so eager to make those comparisons.
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NextGen24Gamer  +   3056d ago
Here is a question for the rabid fanboys who Hate everything Halo
Do you think that people would have spent 60 to 130 dollars to go see spiderman on the first day? LOL....If spiderman is such a big franchise....Why didn't the game sell very well? LOL....Halo 3 sold more copies in its first day than Harry Potter's game and Spidermans game combined. WOW

What about Harry Potter. DO you think parents would have rushed out and purchased the Harry Potter book if the price was 60 to 130 dollars? LOL....would their have been 8 million sold on the first day? LOL.....

Absolutely not. Halo 3 is Huge. Its the biggest one day sales event in History. Period. People who hate Halo and have never played it can cry till their tear ducts run dry.....Its official and thats that.

Its about money. And thats a huge feat to sell 2.9 million copies of a video game at 60 to 130 dollars a pop within 24 hours. Thats unfreakingbelievable. No other game can do that and no other gamer ever will. Unless Halo 4 releases someday.

Its more impressive that 2.9 million cosumers purchased a video game for 60 to 130 dollars than 8 million people purchasing a book for 20 dollars. LOL.....Common sense stuff here.
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Daytona  +   3056d ago
But scholastic isn't the one who's trying to bring down MS and Halo 3. It's sony.
Sad pathetic sony, now trying to get harry Potter to scrunch up a little more magic.

MS and Bungie and Halo 3 = Biggest launch ever in USA!!!
Ahhhh  +   3056d ago
Can people please report Secret <-- t-(~_~t-) for Spam.. Secret has the same post in like 5 other topics.. -.-
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MK_Red  +   3056d ago
Well, even if Harry Potter beats Halo 3 launch, this still shows how stupid Hollywood studios were for delaying/not-making Halo movie. Harry Potter is a big franchise and it's movies are selling 100s of millions. Universal and Fox could have made more than 1 billion with making the Halo trilogy movies.
hotshot1237  +   3056d ago
TO 5 OR 10 AT MOST MOVIE TICKETS.....................mi crosoft will twist and turn anything
gunnerforlife  +   3056d ago
deathly hollows costs less then £$20 and halo 3 costs in between £$50 to a £$100 so of course its going to win in the money making business but if halo 3 would of cost 20 then it would never bee able to surpass deathly hollows in terms of money making
Marriot VP  +   3056d ago
oh ok,

lets compare a 15$ book to 400+60 dollars to play a game. Sounds fair to me.
Spike47  +   3056d ago
halo pwned by
harry potter, this just makes me laugh, how the heck can harry potter sell more?
Jdash24  +   3056d ago
naked hermione?
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