FTG Review: Dungeons (PC)

"Once upon a time, there was a pair of games that blew PC gamers away: Dungeon Keeper (1997) and Evil Genius (2004). If you’ve ever built a PC rig by hand, you’re probably intimately familiar with both titles, as they did something that had never been done before. You played the role of the malevolent ruler of a diabolical playground filled with traps and henchmen whose sole goal was to destroy any goodie-two-shoes heroes who dared to oppose you. Unfortunately, despite the absolutely brilliant premise, the games faded out, and every now and again, you would hear about a sequel whispered on the wind from your favorite gaming source."- Shanghai Six

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Fir3truck2765d ago

Damn I need a new PC so I can play these newer games.

maxcavsm2765d ago

Man, what a shame, I was realy hoping for a new Evil Genius or Dungeon Keeper 3 vibe out of this one.

AmigoSniped2765d ago

Its PC so I probably wont play it but looks alright.