FTG Review: Pelican Dual Triggers

"So I finally broke down and bought a Playstation 3, and I must say it is an awesome piece of hardware. I have been spending more time on the Playstation 3 than my Xbox 360, which I thought I would never say. That being said, I have one major gripe, which is the controller design; standing at 6’4” and of relatively large stature, my hands are about the size of a dinner plate, and let’s be honest - the Playstation controller was not built for people with large hands."- Jatosin

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maxcavsm2701d ago

I've got some Kontrolfreek on my analog sticks, may have to make the next step and really Frankenstein out my controller.

JATOSIN2701d ago

well worth the 5-8 dollars you will ay for them.

AmigoSniped2701d ago

I am gonna get these really soon so cool.