Girls Can Be Jerks On Xbox Live Too, You Know

A hilarious new video from College Humor called "Girls Can Be Jerks On Xbox Live Too, You Know" turns the tables on a male player as a group of girl players harass and treat him like a piece of meat.

Warning: this video is not suitable for work.

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Yi-Long2762d ago

... I wonder what kinda panties they're wearing!?

DaCajun2762d ago

NAH, probably 40 yr old virgin!

HolyOrangeCows2762d ago

"Teenage Virgin"

Or he's making a joke based on the video....maybe.

Yi-Long2762d ago

Nice to see at least some people understanding the sarcasm... (!)

MintBerryCrunch2762d ago

this makes BulletStorm sound like child's play

Cloudberry2762d ago

"I'm gonna wrap your d*** in tuna and feed it to my starving cat."


solidsnake2222762d ago

lol, at least it's a part of the vid.

princeofthabay2762d ago

this is the 2nd of 2 vids,here's the 1st.

Urrakia342762d ago

Wow that guy is one huge P***Y

Jihaad_cpt2762d ago

it's suppose to be humorous not taken seriously... he is only acting how you would expect a female to act.

Shackdaddy8362762d ago

I would laugh my ass off if I were him.

"wrap my fallopian tubes around his areolas"? Really? Lol.

Redgehammer2762d ago

Some Females on XBL, especially younger adults, cuss worse than construction workers.

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The story is too old to be commented.