RIFT impressions, a feel of level 1-15 and Head-Start day one.

"I told myself back in Japan, I would hang up my MMO hood and never touch the seductively life crushing ways of the MMORPG. I have been playing MMOs for the last 13 years, kind of hard to believe when I look back on it. You name it; I probably played it, and more. When I quit playing MMORPG, it was not difficult at all to my surprise and dismay, as the style and the want to play that style of game died."

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Miths2702d ago

I'm playing a level 12 rogue at the moment (about to dive in again now, assuming there are no server queues, which I have fortunately otherwise been spared my first two days by playing early in the day), and I've been having a blast with the game so far.
Fun and fast combat, extremely extensive class (soul) and skill combination options, and as someone who usually solos most of the time in MMOs, I actually find myself loving the rift events where you can simply join a large public raid group when you enter the vicinity. Chaotic and very entertaining.

No problems with lag or other technical issues either here through my first hours in the game, and in terms of game mechanics, interface and quests it does indeed feels very polished and streamlined - but so far without too much of a "theme park" feel.

kasasensei2702d ago (Edited 2702d ago )

This game looks amazing, and the fee pretty cheap, for those who want to choose a subscription plan by 3/15/2011. Just take a look here:
Almost half of the fee of many mmo, i can't believe it... and bonus stuff for preorder, limited or regular versions.
Damn... I'm really tempted by this game. XD

MasterChief36242702d ago

The subscription plan is really not all that cheap... that's pretty standard for MMOs. The "Founders Subscription" saves you a little money, but I don't think it's big enough of a discount to justify calling it "cheap".

Most people will go for the monthly plan, though, which is the same price for founders and regular subscribers, and is the standard for MMOs nowadays.