The Hidden Costs Of Gaming

GameInformer: Any gamer knows the cost of gaming goes far beyond the sticker price of the console. Before you know it you’re dropping bills on extra controllers, batteries, online subscription fees – the list goes on. With 3D gaming, motion controls, and downloadable content increasing in prevalence, the cost of gaming continues to rise steadily. How much will an ambitious gamer spend beyond the initial console purchase? We break down the costs for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and Nintendo Wii

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PimpHandHappy2728d ago (Edited 2728d ago )

does the 360 not do 3D?

why do you need 2 Moves and 2 navs?

Redman222727d ago (Edited 2727d ago )

: /

PS3 +299
32.99 2nd sixaxis
$60 Game (many games can be found for cheaper a month after release)

total= 391.99

Pillage052727d ago

yeah,... I'm staring at a 45 ps3 game collection right now with 2 ps3s that were purchased when they still cost $400. Pseye, 2 moves, 1 navcon, 4 ds3. Full set of rock band equipment that probably hasn't been touched in a year. *sigh* please don't do the math for will only sadden my already thin wallet.

the 50" plasma next to it was a gift at least though :P

Theodore872727d ago

@Pillage05: May I have the name and phone number of the person that gave you the TV? I wonder if he/she wants to adopt a son.

Pillage052727d ago

Lol, it was my brother. He got a 3d tv and handed over his plasma since he didn't have space or any real need for it. I'll try running the adoption thing past him but no guarantees'd have to compete for affection with his little chihuahua lol.

WhiteNoise2727d ago (Edited 2727d ago )

$10 ass tax per game on consoles. Nuff said.


Please make note of that logic, because when quoting PC prices everyone thinks a new monitor is mandatory.

If you already own a TV you should already have a monitor.

MaxXAttaxX2725d ago (Edited 2725d ago )

Tax on brand new $60 games is barely $4, not $10.

Also, I have a PC, but if I want to upgrade to play games with a 9 million pixel resolution in my new almighty PC, then I'll need a new monitor because mine only does 1440x900.

MrBeatdown2727d ago

A TV counts as a "hidden cost"? Seriously?

Why not just include the price of every game available for that system as a hidden cost too?

kreate2727d ago

game informer is just being stupid.

miyamoto2727d ago (Edited 2727d ago )

Game Informer makes it look like optional devices like 3D HDTV & PS Move are obligatory devices to buy. What

What if I don't want 3D TV because its not good for toddlers with developing eye sight?
What if I don't want to play with the Move(which is optional unlike the Wii Remote)?

And why doesn't he deduct the value of bundled games.

Failure article succeeding on getting hits from PS3 defenders. Sad sorry sate of gaming.
Don't feed these writers folks. They just want your hits.

Neko_Mega2727d ago

Don't really need a 3D TV or the glasses, so that is money saved.

Why buy AA's for your 360 controller? The battery pack is better thing to get.

Theodore872727d ago (Edited 2727d ago )

@The Mofo braindead who wrote the article: LOL that article is a laughable and feeble attempt to downplay HD consoles.

First of all, you include the cost of a 3D TV to the PS3 as if you can't use the PS3 as a game system without a 3D TV. Second of all, Move and Kinect are also optional. You don't need them to play 99% of the games on PS3 and Xbox360. While we are at it, why don't we include the Wii's Balance Board, Classic Controllers, Wheel,and the Wii Speak microphone? Hypocritical much?

If the PS3 can be used to lunch a shuttle into space, would you include the cost of the shuttle ship too? How many Wii(s) does it take to play games at 1080p and 60 FPS? Are you assuming that Xbox360 and Wii owners are given a 3D bluray player and a 3D TV for free when they want to watch 3D movies?

Oh btw, many PS3's, in reality, can cluster up into a supercomputer, have you thought of that yet? You must have left out a the cost of the few thousand PS3's for your potential cost to fully enjoy a PS3 setup. You're too kind, fucker!

Suddenly the all-in-one device became the least appealing option and the last-gen leftover became the king of all. Wii fanboys are so pathetic.

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