Battlefield 3 Producer Dissects The FPS Genre

The first-person shooter has grown to become a dominant genre in modern gaming. With so many studios cranking out shooters, creating a unique identity has become increasingly difficult. When checking out Battlefield 3 in Sweden, we asked executive producer Patrick Bach if he had any thoughts about the current state of the first-person shooter genre. "It's all I think about," he said.

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B-Real2062700d ago (Edited 2700d ago )

I look forward to this game. I've never played the full on Battlefields but loved Bad Company 1 and 2. This looks to be even better.

Side Note: possible countdown to MW3? 5 days?

retrofly2700d ago

TBO its a bit hypocritical seeing as diced made MOH, which copied Call Of Duty in many ways.

I'm greatful for Battlefields differeing angle on the FPS genre, although I havn't found the BF:BC company as good as Call of duty, BF3 is looking like a breath of fresh air for gamers, where we seem to have got stuck in a rut of same old same old.

Lets hope it blows the FPS market out of the water, better games benifit all gamers.

We've had a few years of reiteration, its time for innovation.

Both COD and BF need to do this!

ATiElite2700d ago

WOw I can't believe you found COD to be better than BC2! Let me guess your a casual gamer or you prefer the arcade type of FPS!

If you like COD better than BC2 then may I suggest you don't even play Battlefield 3 cause BF3 is a CORE game full of strategy, teamwork, and evolving tactics that requires skill and has a medium to high learning curve (Arma II is a Very High learning curve while COD has a low or ZERO learning curve)

Battlefield is innovation. Battlefield from day One has been the innovator in online FPS, all others have for the most part been copying BF with COD being as generic as it gets.

retrofly2700d ago

You've jumped to so many conclusions its crazy.

I've played every battlefield since since 1942, and I've loved most of them.

Thats right, BF1942, BF Road to Rome, BF:Vietnam (the first one), desertcombat (BF1942 Mod), BF2, Project reality (BF2 mod), Battlefield 2142, BF:BC1, BF 1942, BF:BC2, BF Vietnam (BF:BC2 mod), so don't talk crap about me being a "casual gamer".

If you knew anything you would know that BF:BC was a step back from BF2, you must be a "casual gamer" to think this.

I've also played Operation flashpoint, ARMA & AMRAII 3 of the most realistic shooters ever created.

I've also played COD since COD1 in 2000 and have enjoyed them all too, they are great for pick up and play when you don't want a really long session.

I didnt really enjoy BF:BC becuase it felt like a console port and was nothing like "proper" battlefield.

So before oyu make some stupid fan boy assumption, think about what your saying.

I would say that both the BF and COD games have innovated equally (apart from the step back that was BF:BC), I belive COD:BO is showing the tired age of the COD series, but BF:BC2 wasn't exactly a great leap forward either.

I just hpe BF3 is the big leap gamers have all been waiting for. Surely we can all agree on that.

ATiElite2700d ago

@ retrofly

Sorry to see you wont admit being a casual gamer who likes the arcade experience but all CORE gamers like myself know that Bad Company was DICE's way of entering the console market by making Bad Company a "console experience" that has no relation to the CORE game play of the PC Battlefield series.

Nice how you Googled or Wikipedia a bunch of Battlefield titles but too bad you left out Codename Eagle so your list = FAIL. better luck next time.

And NO we will never agree on anything because I already KNOW BF3 PC will revolutionize the industry while you HOPE BF3 is the big leap forward but you'll be playing MW3 w/ the Kinect anyway and wont notice. Enjoy!

damnyouretall2700d ago

wouldnt you love to have dudes job? but he seems to be on top of things though,, dice is the shit